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OPOA Investing In the Community

Awesome article about how committed OPOA members are to not only law enforcement but to being involved in the community and making a difference! OPOA members teamed up with numerous local high school students at the the NorthStar Foundation for some high ropes courses.

Broken Silence – Safer Streets.

Yesterday, OPD responded to a shooting at 7441 North 34th Street where a one-year-old juvenile had been shot. Witnesses came forward helping investigators quickly identify the suspect, La'Shannon Bland. Officers were also able to locate the stolen firearm that Bland had used before it could be hidden or offloaded to someone else to be used [...]

When silence does nothing.

Monday afternoon 55 yr old Barbara Williams had just walked outside of her home. Not far away, children were playing in a park. Little did they know that they would be caught in the middle of a war zone. The events that occurred next are not clearly known due to conflicting statements. A victim possibly [...]

Roller Derby!

May 14th is Service Night with the Omaha Roller Girls at the Ralston Arena.  And it is Pride Night. Free tickets are available to all retired or active Police, Firefighters, Military, Former Military or the Medical field with valid ID.   If you would like 2 free tickets to the Omaha Roller Girls bout on May [...]

Careless Talk. 

"You come to my house, kick down my door and I have an opportunity, I will shoot you dead. And every one of you should do the same." Congressional Candidate Mike Crane For U.S. Congress District 3 Words spoken from Georgia Congressional Candidate and State Senator Mike Crane when speaking about court authorized no knock [...]

Misguided Sentencing Leads to More Crime?!?

Crime rates being linked to misguided sentencing and early prison releases? No, this isn't news coming from Nebraska. Again. It's very disheartening to see other states making the same mistakes Nebraska has regarding sentencing for violent felons. "Ex-cons well-known to police and with a proven propensity for violence are being let out early from prison [...]

Just Another Day in Court? Right?

Maybe not so, especially for this homicide trial. When gangs are involved, which is most cases here in Omaha what would happen if either parties decided to smuggle weapons inside? Thankfully in this case the only weapons used were hands/feet but that doesn't mean they're still not very deadly.

Privatized Prisons Costing Record Amounts

Is it a shock to anybody that the privatized prisons in Oklahoma are taking in record profits while billing the state tax payers?   While the overcrowding and rehabilitation needs to be drastically redesigned and re addressed in every state, one thing we can for sure say is that privatization does not save money. Read [...]

Rest In Peace Brother

When our page starts to look like a memorial for fallen officers, we cannot ignore the fact that the uniform is a target for those who wish to do evil. “It’s with an incredibly heavy heart tonight that I announce to you the loss of Police Trooper Chad Dermyer,” Virginia State Police Superintendent Steven Flaherty [...]

The Aftermath

The dust has settled from the aftermath of the controversial lies that spawned from the officer involved shooting that left suspect Michael Brown dead after attacking law enforcement. Now, St Louis and St Louis County are struggling to keep minimum staffing levels. The problem isn't just being able to hire new recruits but also [...]

“Where the Sun Don’t Shine”

Here is an editorial piece that was submitted to us by a patrol officer that wished to remain anonymous. Keep in mind this is an opinion and some facts being shared that does not represent the exact stance of the OPOA or its entire membership. "Stick your medical marijuana where the sun don't shine" Seriously. That's not [...]

Great News from Fort Worth!

After 8 days in the hospital, Officer Kyle Davis is going home today! His wife shared some very kind words that we would like to pass along. We wish Officer Davis well as he has a long road ahead to a full recovery. Update from his wife: This big guy was released to go [...]

This Bond Amount is a Joke.

How high should the bond be of a suspect accused of firing a gun at an officer attempting to kill? $30,000 - $300,000 - $3,000,000? Apparently in Detroit.... Only $3,000. Read the news article here

San Jose PD on the breaking point.

Mandatory OT is now being used in San Jose just to ensure that 911 calls will be answered. Both veteran officers and new hires have been fleeing at an alarming rate due to wage and benefit attacks.     UNPRECEDENTED CRISIS IN POLICE STAFFING - SAN JOSE - READ ABOUT IT HERE!

Can Lawmakers Undo It?

Lawmakers have the chance to rectify their mistake after passing LB 605 which reduced the penalty for witness tampering among other violent felonies.   As it currently sits, witness tampering is now virtually guaranteed to get probation. Before LB605 slashed the penalty, an offender was eligible for up to 5 years prison. LB1094 is a [...]