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Recently on KETV, angry residents of the Northwest Omaha Hillsborough Neighborhood said “ENOUGH”! [...]

Deescalation –

Truth: It takes BOTH sides in a crisis to deescalate a crisis. [...]

Proud Sponsor – Giving Back

The OPOA is proud to team up with the Omaha Police Department for another Kids & Cops event at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha. These inspiring children we're able to meet with members from the Uniform Patrol Bureau, Honor Guard, Mounted Patrol, Able 1, Traffic Unit, and K9 Unit. The children received [...]

A Police Officer’s Plea – We are not trained to deal with the mentally ill

By Martin Halloran Policing San Francisco, like most US cities, has become increasingly difficult. Homeless people on our streets have grown exponentially. District Attorney George Gascon’s Prop 47 decriminalization of illegal narcotics has led to more addicts self-medicating. And helpless individuals who suffer from medical and mental health issues are [...]

LT. Aaron Allen

Take a moment and let this photograph sink into your memory. [...]

**PRESS RELEASE** 60th & Center

The Omaha Police Officers Association (OPOA) and its members understand the pressure for answers regarding the unfortunate death of Zachary Bearheels at 60th & Center on June 5. [...]

Mental Health Crisis and Omaha Police Officers

  Recently we've seen the topic of mental health and law enforcement come to the forefront of what citizens consider a priority.  Erin Grace of the Omaha World-Herald rode along with Officer Dave Staskiewicz and Officer Aaron Dugick for a shift to experience what we deal with on a daily basis.  Nowadays, we see Officers duties being [...]

OPOA goes to New York

OPOA Joins multiple agencies to address the mental health crisis facing police nationwide. Watch live here.

12yr Old Shoe Thief and a Police Officer

Officer Milton of the Atlanta Police Department is being recognized for his acts of kindness when called to a Family Dollar store for a 12 yr old shoplifter. [...]

Deputy Mark Burbridge

Deputy Mark Burbridge will be laid to rest on Monday May 8th at 10 AM. The funeral service will be held at the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs. [...]

Topeka Officer Saves a Drowning Child

Officer Aaron Bulmer of the Topeka Police Department was on patrol last Sunday afternoon. While on patrol he noticed a 4 year old child walking near the pond's edge, so he exited his cruiser to check on the child. As he was exiting, the child fell into the water and [...]

Officer Down

Today, we learned that 2 Pottawattamie County Sheriffs office deputies were assaulted and shot by a convicted murderer. The cowardly thug then was able to escape jail, which resulted in a mulit-state pursuit before he was apprehended in Omaha. [...]

Safe NOT Safe

Providence Rhode Island city Council Council approves the Community Safety Act 12-0. [...]