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Tips from a Thief

Remember these tips when beginning your holiday shopping.     Omaha Police Officers Association

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Inmates walk early in Nebraska


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Why do police need “military equipment”?

"MILITARY EQUIPMENT" SAVES OFFICERS LIVES If it wasn't for this modern day equipment, the lives lost in Paris would have been higher. Officers having access to modern day equipment for a terrorist or active shooter event is not only a realistic expectation but a great safety concern to communities that are deprived or barred from [...]

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Ambushed. Killed.

Last night around 11pm: 29yr old Officer Ricardo Galvez was sitting in his car next to the Downey Police Department when two suspects ran up to his vehicle and shot him dead.    TARGETED. A public servant who was described by Downey Police Chief Carl Charles as a ‚Äútremendous young man who loved serving the [...]

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Student Threatens Teacher

Chicago is a town known for many reasons. Unfortunately, one of the reasons is the shinning example of this students behaviors and lack of respect. What's even more disturbing, is the trend in this video and many others of the numerous people filming while encouraging these behaviors. Where did some of this younger [...]

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Heroic Deed Rewarded

HEROIC DEED GETS REWARDED The night Officer Tom Arrance was assaulted and left unconscious, nursing student Tiffany Joseph assisted and cared for Officer Arrance until help could arrive on scene. The OPOA along with the Black Police Officers Association of Omaha and Omaha Police Welfare and Benefits organization donated money to reward Joseph. The OPOA [...]

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   Two days ago, we were devastated by the news that Judge Eleanor L. Ross and Assistant Attorney General Mary Webb felt that probation was serving justice to Jalita Johnson who supplied the firearm that was used to murder Officer Kerrie Orozco. Many have asked "how can I voice my concern and how can I [...]

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Probation = Unjustice

FEDERAL COURT GIVES WOMAN WHO SUPPLIED GUN THAT KILLED KERRIE OROZCO PROBATION. MAY 20th, 2015A day the Officers of the Omaha Police Department lost our beloved sister, Kerrie Orozco. A day her family lost their mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece, and best friend. NOVEMBER 2, 2015  A DAY THE FEDERAL JUSTICE SYSTEM FAILED.  Jalita Johnson, [...]

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The Omaha Police Department has announced the arrest of PERKINS, Langston who was booked into Douglas County Corrections this afternoon for the devastating fatal hit & run accident that occurred last night at 24th & Leavenworth. Witnesses stated that prior to fleeing the scene PERKINS verbally threatened the witnesses who were attempting to stop him [...]

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Student Assaults Police Officer

The notion that a high school student whether they are male or female cannot cause physical damage or pose a threat is dangerously naive. As this video illustrates, this crowd of high school students from the city of brotherly love had no intention of respecting authority or following lawful orders. You can clearly [...]

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Halloween in Blue

We received this message from the Minne Lusa Historic District about Halloween last night. This shows how awesome our community is and how our members are vested in making all aspects of life for the citizens of Omaha better!    Minne Lusa wants to say a special "Thank You" to all of the officers who [...]

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Beyond The Blue 10/15

Officer Anthony DeSciscio was born and raised in Omaha, Ne. From a young age, Officer DeSciscio has had a soft spot in his heart for those with mental and physical disabilities. His older brother David, was born with down syndrome. Officer DeSciscio volunteered for many years before he became a staff member at the [...]

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Today we ask… WHY?

Why was LB 605 passed, which lowered sentences for violent criminals who choose to harm officers and your family members. Why would your NE senators choose to reduce officers and citizens safety? LB 605, reduced the MAX sentence of assaulting an officer from 5 years to only 3 years. If you feel like your [...]

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Remember the Victims and Honor the Heros

Yesterday, we witnessed another massacre carried out by a cowardly thug, a man with no honor or respect, a man with no regard for life.   We refuse to give that man any attention, instead we offer our condolences to the families. But, we will honor army veteran Chris Mintz, 30, who was wounded trying [...]

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Beyond The Blue

For the first segment in our new bi-weekly Beyond The Blue article we are highlighting Officer Randy Pignotti.     Officer Pignotti, was born and raised in Omaha, Ne where he graduated from Westside High School in 1996. He then continued his education at UNO receiving his bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in 2001.  Officer Pignotti [...]