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Life in Prison. An appropriate sentence.

In the past, you have read of our concern regarding the weak sentences handed down by Judge Polk.In this case, his sentencing matches the crime, and credit is due.Sept. 17, 2014, Milton Dortch robbed JR Jewelry & Gifts, and during the crime, shot and killed store owner Jim Minshall Sr.

As Milton stood before Judge Polk [...]

With Handcuffs on – He Assaulted Multiple First Responders

Just because the handcuffs are on doesn't always mean that the person in the handcuffs is under control and the situation is safe.

Recently, Aaron Borelli was intoxicated and making threats to kill himself, when he injured his mom by grabbing her.

Bellevue Police responded to the scene and placed Borelli into custody (handcuffs).
Officers called for a [...]

Another Police Officer murdered while protecting and serving.

It is with great sadness we inform you that another police officer has been murdered while protecting and serving.


From the Memphis Police Department est.1827 page:

On August 1, 2015 at approximately 9:18pm Communications was alerted by a citizen through one of our officer's radios that an officer had been shot in the area of Perkins and [...]

Why don’t police just use tasers?

Sometimes people ask why police don't simply use tasers all the time.

While a single answer wouldn't address every situation, the following incident shows how every use of force incident must be evaluated uniquely.

The man who attacked and injured Bradley County (Tennessee) Deputy Tiffany Oakley at her home early on Tuesday, has a lengthy record of [...]

Traffic stop turns into a deadly ambush.


We regret to inform you of the loss of Sgt. Scott Lunger who was killed in the line of duty in Hayward California.
Sgt. Scott Lunger and his partner had stopped a vehicle that was driving recklessly, when a suspect from the car fired upon the officers without warning.
The chief says it took just 45 seconds [...]

Domestic turned deadly 

A domestic assault at a local daycare turns terrifying as Dylan Doebelin grabbed his ex-girlfriend Nicole Cswercko, dragging her away.

Assaulted, kidnapped and stabbed multiple times - Nicole was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Domestic Violence - Two words that police officers hear too often when responding to 911 calls.

Domestic Violence - Two words that [...]

Change for the Better?

Shots rang out back in January leaving Dexter Joseph and Marcel Lovejoy murdered. [...]

Good Time after 10 Years for a Murderer?

Even after prosecutors asked Douglas County District Judge W. Russell Bowie to give John Moniz the maximum sentence of 60 years for killing Delbert Freemont, Judge Bowie handed down the 20 to 40yr manslaughter sentence. [...]

No Spitting…

July 4th was barely over when Felisha Lund decided to spit blood tainted saliva on an Omaha Police Officer while being placed into custody.

Nebraska Statue 28-934 reads: "(1) Any person who knowingly and intentionally strikes any public safety officer with any bodily fluid is guilty of assault with a bodily fluid against a public safety [...]

Parents: Police work is challenging enough without adding this to the equation.

Parents: Police work is challenging enough without adding this to the equation.

This "accessory" is sold with the following description: [...]

Senseless Crime and Senseless Legislation

"Nebraska lawmakers, who return to Lincoln in January, should clip and save coverage of the last few days’ shooting violence in Omaha." - Omaha World-Herald​ [...]

Courageous? Brave? CNN reporter and the Dallas Shooter

Leading by example. #KerrieOn

Thank you, Omaha, for all of your support!

While this past week has been very tough for our entire organization, the support from the Omaha community has been overwhelming. [...]

Criminals aren’t the only ones not wanting to be in prison…

Do the riots in Tecumseh tell the one-line story of overcrowding we are getting from our senators in Lincoln? [...]