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Saving Money? At What Cost? #LB605

Saving money... Clearing out room in the prisons. At what cost?  

Call  your Senator to urge them to vote NO!


Hiding Behind “Peaceful Protests”

The emerging trend of individuals hiding under the guise of "peaceful protests" while conducting themselves in a manner of lawlessness is obvious in this video.
While some pull up a chair and grab the popcorn, our brothers and sisters in blue face the reality and consequences of this dangerous trend.

Missing: Officer’s Perspective

As published in the Omaha World Herald today, President John Wells of the Omaha Police Officers Association responds to a OWH editorial regarding recent events:
(See original article linked below)
A column in Wednesday’s World-Herald discussed officer-involved shootings, but it was missing an important perspective — that of the police officer.
Police officers are tasked by society to [...]

Senator Ernie Chambers – Resign.

We are asking for your support.

In no way, shape or form, is it ever ok to threaten the life of anyone, let alone a public servant....specifically a police officer.

Please contact your Nebraska State Senator and ask your elected official to demand an apology from Chambers and RESIGN his elected office.

His threatening, erratic and divisive ways [...]

Courage To Stand Against Hatred

The OPOA would like to applaud Senator Beau McCoy for standing up and asking Senator Ernie Chambers to publicly apologize for his horrific comments about police being like ISIS.  [...]



“If I was going to carry a weapon, it wouldn’t be against you, it wouldn’t be against these people who come here that I might have a dispute with. Mine would be for the police”

“I wouldn’t go to Syria, I wouldn’t go to Iraq, I wouldn’t go to Afghanistan, I wouldn’t [...]

Remember to slow down and move over

A sobering reminder from  Fort Worth Police Officers Association Remember to slow down and move over - the officer wasn't in the cruiser at the time of the collision, however, three firefighters were injured when the cruiser was pushed into a Fort Worth fire truck.        

Use Of Force Perspective – Omaha SWAT and the Facts. 

There seems to be a good deal of discussion about police and the amount of force an officer uses from time to time.

We wanted to shed some light on one of our own units.  The OPD SWAT Team, is a part-time assignment assembled for officers from all parts of our department.

The team exemplifies the words:


Some [...]

Judge Polk – Weak Sentencing Part 2

Deandre Crittenden...story continues...into sentencing by Judge Marlon A. Polk. Hope you are still sitting down... [...]

Judge Polk – Weak Sentencing Part 1

As we promised, this one will really get your blood pressure up. The latest with Judge Marlon A. Polk and a weak sentence...sit down..this one is bad.  [...]

Judge Polk – Handing Out Free Hugs

DUI Driver...6th offense....tough sentencing...Right? One would certainly hope.  [...]

Judge Polk taps the pillowed gavel.

For The Record OWH…. for the record.

Regarding a one-sided story printed in last Saturday's paper

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Interesting article in the Omaha World Herald today about a complaint that was filed a while back against an Omaha PD officer by a citizen.What's interesting is the fact the the Chief Of Police stated the officer was "exonerated" against any wrong doing after viewing cruiser camera footage.  WAIT...EVIDENCE?Evidence, in the form of a video, [...]