Dave Walker Day in Nebraska

Governor Pete Ricketts signed a proclamation naming today Omaha Police Officer Coral Walker Day in Nebraska for his actions in 2013 to end a shooting [...]

“Militarized ” Helmet Saves Officers Life

Yesterday, we saw unspeakable acts of horror that occurred in Orlando, FL. The terrorist, who we will not name, carried out his mission of hate [...]

He Robbed and Punched… a lady in her 70’s

He just pled guilty for robbing and punching a 76 yr old woman at a church (last August). Wayman Clark entered a guilty plea [...]

Sheriff Links Crime Increase to Early Prison Release

Las Vegas Valley Sheriff is now linking a rise in crime to California's early release of criminals from prison. Homicides increased 68% and violent crime [...]

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

Officer Paul A. Nields, Sr., Douglas County Omaha Officer Paul A. Nields, Sr. was assigned as a plainclothes narcotics investigator when, at 12:45 a.m. on [...]

Shot In The Line Of Duty

Deuel County Deputy Mike Hutchinson was shot numerous times while on duty as he was trying to serve a warrant on a wanted violent criminal. [...]

Who We Are

Since 1934, there has been an organization dedicated to representing the professional men and women of the Omaha Police Department who protect and serve Omaha. Over the years, although the names may have changed, the commitment to excellence in service has remained the same. Today, that organization is known as the Omaha Police Officers Association.

The Omaha POA’s goal is to professionally represent the over 900 sworn peace officers that comprise the Omaha Police Department.

In order to achieve this goal, the OPOA strives to promote a high level of commitment to public safety and professionalism within the ranks of the OPD via an emphasis on education, legal support, community outreach and trust building.

So that the citizens of Omaha may enjoy an exceptional level of police protection by attracting and retaining the best and brightest police officers, balanced with a focus on the responsible use of tax dollars, the OPOA strives to ensure that the wages of OPD officers are competitive to those being paid to officers in similar cities facing similar crime and danger. This means that the OPOA is dedicated to ensuring that OPD officers salaries do not slip below, or rise above, the average of that paid to officers in similar cities. This approach is fair to hard working officers and taxpayers alike.

Omaha faces many challenges. With big city crime and the challenges of dangerous gang activity and violence comes the need to maintain a highly professional police force. The Omaha POA is committed to partnering with our community and city leaders to make Omaha a safer place and maintain it as a great city to live, work and raise a family.