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07/26/14 - Update to disrespectful OPD memorial photo

So earlier today we posted a picture – provided by a loyal reader- of two innocent kids being posed in a “shooting pose” in front of the OPD Fallen Officers Memorial.

Some readers – in an abundance of caution – wanted additional evidence that the social media poster was in fact being disrespectful as opposed to simply snapping some shots of kids playing “cops and robbers”.

Ask and ye shall receive-

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07/26/14 - Repeat, repeat, repeat offender going back to prison.

In 2006, then 18 year old Marcquese “Quezy” (pronounced Queasy?) Petties was sentenced to 1 and a half years to 2 and a half years for Robbery.

Thanks to automatic “good time” early release, he was released 7 months later.

In 2009, Petties was convicted of two counts of DV Assault and sentenced to 2 years.

With automatic good time he was out in 10 months.

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Bruce Ferrel
01/10/13 - Gang Expert Bruce Ferrell Part 2

Retired Detective and gang expert Bruce Ferrell talks about what to watch for if you think your child may be getting involved with a gang.

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Fornoff Podcast
10/29/12 - Interview on How to Legally Carry a Gun in Omaha

Sgt. Fornoff talks about the rules of concealed carry in Omaha.

Sgt. Fornoff Interview


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