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12/18/14 - Home Invasion 911 Call!

Three hours before sunrise this morning, Omaha police officers respond to a 911 Home Invasion call in the area of 52nd & Wier St.

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12/13/14 - Murderer let out of prison early…

New details emerge on why Dittrich was let out of prison after serving 41yrs for murder.

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Bruce Ferrel
01/10/13 - Gang Expert Bruce Ferrell Part 2

Retired Detective and gang expert Bruce Ferrell talks about what to watch for if you think your child may be getting involved with a gang.

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Fornoff Podcast
10/29/12 - Interview on How to Legally Carry a Gun in Omaha

Sgt. Fornoff talks about the rules of concealed carry in Omaha.

Sgt. Fornoff Interview


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