Recently on KETV, angry residents of the Northwest Omaha Hillsborough Neighborhood said “ENOUGH”!


ENOUGH! to the break in sprees.

ENOUGH! to the theft sprees.

ENOUGH! to the invasions into their private property and their family’s privacy.

They spoke out to the media, their Councilwoman and their Precinct Captain.

But is is “ENOUGH” for them yet to contact their state senators?

And more importantly, will it finally be “ENOUGH” for their state senators to listen?

Hillsborough residents - you may not be aware, but….

A few years back, under the guise of so called “prison reform”, your state legislature did the following -

* Skyrocketed the minimum theft dollar amount which constitutes a felony from $500 up to $1500.
* Slashed the maximum penalty for Class 4 Felony Theft from a max of 5 years in prison down to 2 years, but…
* Enacted a new law that essentially GUARANTEES thieves who commit Class 4 Felony theft to instead get PROBATION.
* Essentially created a new offense of “misdemeanor auto theft” for cars valued less than $1500.

One wonders if these “reforms” are actually helping keep you safe or instead simply giving incentive for predators to prey on you and your families without real consequence.

What say you Hillsborough residents?

Have you really had “ENOUGH”?

Are you ready to contact your senators?