Naked pervert Shawn Noble exposes himself again, and again, and again. One of the latest victims?

Someone’s 13 year old daughter.

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When did we in Nebraska lose sight of what prison is for? The reason we have prisons is to keep the lawless on the inside, and the law-abiding people safe on the outside.

Let’s stop making excuses, and lock the bad guys up.

And to the folks who say that “prison is not the answer”…

… not the answer to what?

Public safety?

News alert! Prison IS a vital part of the answer when it comes to dealing with dangerous criminals and public safety.

First you put the criminal in jail - and THEN comes the secondary function of the prison…

… rehabilitation and assimilation back into society.

It seems that some in Lincoln have forgotten that dangerous criminals are dangerous criminals - even if you slap on an ankle monitor and label them something else.

Let's look at this guy: Shawn Noble, a pervert who has stood before many a judge on the SAME thing… Lewd Conduct, State of Undress, Lewd Conduct… the perverts rap sheet goes on an on.

What does the Nebraska State Statue 28-106 give the Judges the freedom to do? Throw this sexual predator into jail up to 1 YEAR…

And yet, Shawn has been on the receiving end of 1/2 of what a Judge could have sentenced him to.

With this in mind, lawmakers in Lincoln are now trying to make it even more difficult to keep dangerous criminals in jail as we speak.

From getting rid of mandatory minimums (ahem, Ernie Chambers) to lessening the penalties for crimes worse then the perverted crime reruns put on by Mr. Shawn Noble.

How many times do we need to prove to ourselves that taking the ignorant approach of giving a dangerous criminal the benefit of the doubt - ends with the tragic destruction of our peaceful lives?

We will keep catching the bad guys, but we can’t afford to keep letting them go.


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