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A Dangerous Narrative

A Chicago Police Officer is hospitalized after attempting to place a man on PCP under arrest. Two other officers were also injured during the same incident. Even though she had her head nearly caved in by a criminal who repeatedly slammed it into the ground… This is what she said after: And it should stop [...]

How Many Times Can You Get Caught With an Illegal Firearm?

We are beginning to wonder, how many times can you get caught with an illegal firearm before the courts consider you a serious and threat to society? In the case of Shannon Watkins, it's several. Watkins was arrested and sentenced to jail time on 12-13-2008 for Misdemeanor Carrying Concealed Weapon - Gun. On 01-05-2010 he [...]

Good & “Bad” at the Same Time

Have you ever stopped to think about police and the service they provide on a daily basis? Maybe what comes to mind are the flashy headline grabbing "hero" type police actions. Or, maybe what comes to mind is the news story of a police officer under scrutiny for actions deemed not reasonable. Whatever the reaction [...]

Assault An Officer and Get Nothing….

Woman who attacks Albuquerque officer leaving him with 4 staples in his head released without consequence or mental health care by judge. The attacker who never identified herself was released before law enforcement & correctional officers were able to confirm an actual identify for her. She was released as a "Jane Doe" by [...]


  Repeat Violent Offender is accused of another violent crime. Rondell Vasser knows Nebraska's criminal justice system all too well. From carrying guns, carrying controlled substances, and abusing his significant others Vasser is a violent felon that should not be allowed to victimize our community repeatedly. Here are a few highlights of Vasser's lengthy and [...]

Revolving Door Express

Yesterday, WOWT 6 News interviewed OPOA chair officer Dennis Sexton about the frustrations officers routinely face when they arrest repeat violent criminals in connection with the recent arrest of 4 suspects in a bank robbery.  [...]

Repeat Violent Felon

Chaz Hill sentenced to 15-20 yrs for assaulting Omaha Police Officer Arrance. [...]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We all have seen the pictures of politicians posing with first responders, holding signs that say #supportblue, and making statements in debates and interviews that they support law enforcement. [...]

OPD K9 Assaulted

Omaha Police Officers were tasked with taking a violent suspect into custody. Initial reports were that a male was on the interstate in the area of 42nd St armed with a broken bottle and metal pipe.  [...]

12,000 Police Departments Competing

Did you know there are over 12,000 police departments competing for experienced men and women of character who are willing to wear a uniform and serve? Competition is a good thing, unless you're one of the the cities who have willfully taken actions that cause good police officers to "exodus" your communities, in search of [...]

Shootings Spike Last Week

This post is from an OPOA member regarding the recent spike of shootings in Omaha: In the last 48 hours 10 people have been shot in neighborhoods that I grew up in as a child. In addition to the physical injuries numerous citizens were also victims of property damage. The most heart breaking story of [...]