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National Thank A Police Officer Day

January 9th is National Thank A Police Officer day. Today we'd like to thank all the families, brothers & sisters in blue, and friends of the 140 officers that died in the line of duty in 2016. We'd like to thank all the officers currently on duty today and the coming days who will be [...]

No Hesitation Shielding Them From Death

  The men and women that responded to the Ft Lauderdale shooting never stopped to ask what people's religious beliefs were, what their sexual orientation was, and did not care what race the people were.  [...]

Dallas PD 450 Short

  City manager for Dallas says it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to hire over 450 needed Officers.   [...]

Straw Purchase = Meaningless Probation

Straw purchaser of firearm receives ONLY probation & no jail time thanks to LB605.  Brian Littlejohn recently plead guilty and was convicted in Sarpy county of making statements to deceive a licensee. Boiled down, he lied while purchasing a firearm so he could give it to a dangerous criminal who could not legally own or [...]

Naughty List OPOA Penalty Box

  The OPOA is proud to partner with the Grover Ice Rink. Grover Ice is a strong supporter of First Responders and we are proud to announce that from now on anyone that gets penalized will have to spend some time in the OPOA "naughty box".

Remember Pearl Harbor

  “Yesterday, December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” - President Franklin Roosevelt [...]

Words / Actions = Support?

This front page from the Detroit Free Press sums up the climate Americas police face right now everyday they go to work. Not only are their lives on the line but they constantly are facing attacks on their livelihood. This post is not a political point against any certain party but an attempt to further [...]

VOTE 2016

Support those who support Law Enforcement!

Judge Marcuzzo

The OPOA has endorsed Judge Jeffery Marcuzzo for the upcoming election. Recently Judge Marcuzzo has come under the spotlight for his setting a $50,000.00 bond for a motor vehicle homicide suspect Eswin Mejia. Mejia was responsible for killing Sarah Root who tragically lost her life due to Mejias choice to drive while under the influence. [...]

First Responders Second Response

A murderer on a shooting spree leaving death in his wake. An Omaha Police Officer set to stop the threat and takes action, and the President takes notice.

Mass Exodus

The mass exodus of officers stepping down and leaving departments across the country still continues. Veteran officers when asked why are routinely giving the same reasons, "over worked and underpaid". “There’s no one there to cover, you got three or four officers for the entire precinct,” said the former Richmond Police officer." Can you imagine [...]