We will miss you Greg.


Officer Greg Hamill.

A fantastic husband and father.

An honorable and honest lawman…

A great man.

We will miss you brother.

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Omaha Police coverage set to take a cut?


Imagine a world where Omaha tax payers could increase their presence of uniformed Omaha police officers……

…..especially in high crime and high call load area…

…and not have to pay a dime for it.

More uniformed cops to prevent robberies.

More uniformed officers to prevent shootings.

More uniformed officers to prevent murders.

At no cost to the taxpayers.

Well…believe it or not..that world does exists.

Right here in Omaha.

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A glimpse at “Juvenile Justice” in Nebraska.


The debate over “juvenile justice” is an emotional one which pits the pro-punishment crowd against the pro-privacy and counseling crowd.

Meanwhile, while the debate rages on, violent young offenders continue to plunder our community.

Let’s take a moment to review just such as case.

The case of young Alex Provencher.

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Even more felonies to get a “Golden Ticket”!


Last week, we shared the type of so called “low level felonies” (Class 3A and Class 4 Felonies) that certain members of the legislature are considering giving juvenile offenders an automatic pass – a “Golden Ticket” so to speak – to Juvenile Court.

Here’s how it would work;

If a Juvenile commits any of these serious Class 3A or Class 4 Felonies…

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It happened Again! More” Krist Kids”


It happened AGAIN!

More Armed and Dangerous Teenagers!

More “Krist Kids”!

Late Friday night, diligent officers from the Northeast Precinct observed a stolen vehicle northbound on 36th St from Grand Ave. 

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Under “Krist Plan” gang membership no longer a consideration


Under the proposed “Krist Amendment”….certain things will NO LONGER be statutory considerations for purposes of attempts to transfer a case to or from Juvenile Court to District Court.

Current statutory considerations being ELIMINATED by the “Krist proposal”-

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Criminals simply walk away from Omaha prison!


So we stumbled across this story from WOWT.

A male robbery inmate and female violent kidnapping inmate decided to simply traipse away from prison and luckily are soon caught

The story was reported with a slight “Valentines day” humorous bend.

Things quickly become a lot less funny when you look at offender Darrell Howard’s criminal background.

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Let’s Solve Janee Hadan’s Murder!


It’s been nearly two months since Janee Hadan was shot to death in the parking lot of Passions bar near 108th and Q.

No arrests – for her murder anyways – have been made.

It’s time to run down some of the publicly accessible facts of the case to help jog some memories.

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“Good Time” hearing a terrifying glimpse into state’s failure


Yesterday’s hearing on automatic “good time” early release confirmed a few things that the Omaha POA has been advocating for a long time:

1) Our prison system is a catastrophically overloaded, under-funded mess.

2) The state of Nebraska has done an abysmal job of providing rehabilitation options, even for inmates who truly want to try to change.

3) When it comes to crime, “Lincoln” just doesn’t get it. They are shockingly out of touch. Even more so than we originally thought.

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“Police work”…..rarely pretty to watch.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 4.59.15 PM

In our ongoing quest to prove the point that police work is rarely – if ever – pretty to watch…

(even when done perfectly)

…..we present to you, our loyal followers,  YET ANOTHER “caught on camera” use of force incident.

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Man Assaults Cat! Then Assaults Officer!

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.35.55 PM

Man assaults cat.

Police called.

Man flees.

Officer finds man.

Man assaults officer.

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Another Young, Armed Robber!

Stock Image

Another citizen robbed by an armed, juvenile criminal!

On Saturday in broad daylight, a 44 year old Omaha woman – guilty of nothing more than wanting to buy groceries for her family – became the latest victim of an armed, youthful criminal.

We might add, the very same type of violent youthful criminals that Senator Bob Krist wants to award an automatic “Golden Ticket” to the warm embrace of Juvenile Court as opposed to the possibility of Adult Felony Court.

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Why do Texas Prisons cost less than Nebraska?


In Texas it costs $51 a day to incarcerate a convict in prison.

It costs a whopping $92 a day in Nebraska.

$41 more per prisoner per day in Nebraska.

An eye-popping $14,965 more per year, per prisoner.


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Platte Institute has the facts wrong.


This week, the Nebraska based Platte Institute released a report detailing their recommendations on the debate over Nebraska prison reform.

The public and our elected officials deserve organizations that can provide them with facts so that we can solve challenges such as violent crime, gangs and recidivism.

Organizations – such as the Platte Institute – are operating on tax free dollars and therefore have a moral obligation to get their facts right.

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“Golden Ticket” Update!


Earlier today, we told you about the Automatic “Golden Ticket” that some Senators want to give young criminals and gang members.

“Commit a serious felony? Go straight to Juvenile Court!”

During yesterday’s Douglas County Board Meeting, there was talk about a possible “compromise” on the bill.

Under possible deal, only Class IIIA and Class IV Felonies would get an automatic “Golden Ticket”.

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