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Lest We Forget

Deputy Marshal Thomas Welch
Sunday, June 24th, 1866 [...]

Suspect unwittingly helps Omaha officers with his own capture!

At 2:29 am Officers responded to a radio call to investigate a shooting.

“Walk a mile in my shoes, then you may judge me”. 

Pretty certain most of you have heard this quote.  [...]

Officer risks his life while teenager refuses to comply.

Not following a police officer's verbal directions can lead to tragedy. [...]

Police chase armed suspect!

When the passenger bails, something is amiss. [...]

Parents take action – Refuse to be Silent

Imagine arriving home, sitting in front of your local news broadcast and seeing surveillance footage of your own kids burglarizing a store. [...]

When Silence is not golden.

24yr old Gerald Robinson refused to talk to police officers this morning about the incident in which he was a victim of a shooting.

“Catch & Release”

To “snitch” or not to “snitch”

A shooting victim's family asks for help [...]

Police officer shooting deaths up 56%

Overall, 126 officers —  were killed in the line of duty, a 24 percent uptick from 102 deaths last year, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. [...]

Recent Robbery surveillance footage now available

Scary surveillance video is now available regarding an armed robbery at Ace Rent To Own (4650 L ST). [...]

Family angry over robbery interference

A young gunman robs a Dollar Store - and customer reacts. [...]

Troy Landers, violent offender…


“Hands Up!”

In this video, a witness may believe this suspect is surrendering "hands-up"... [...]

Home Invasion 911 Call!

Three hours before sunrise this morning, Omaha police officers respond to a 911 Home Invasion call in the area of 52nd & Wier St. [...]