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  Is anyone shocked to see that the cop hating, race baiting, and filibuster King was placed on this list? "He has compared American cops to Islamic terrorists, said he’d shoot a cop if he had a gun, castigated Christians (particularly Catholics), called his colleagues racist and stupid, called Nebraska backward and hateful and mocked [...]

Police Crisis In Portland

  Wage/benefit attacks, political pandering, and waves of retirements. All these issues are putting the strain on departments across the country. None of these issues are specific just to Omaha. Portland, OR is facing such a crisis that the Mayor has proposed a hiring bonus along with an increased starting salary. Click Here to [...]

Shop With A Cop 2015!

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung on the doorknobs with care, But something was missing, my dad wasn’t there. Out in the night parked under a star, My Dad was there watching in his traffic car. Now out [...]

Beemer, NE Detective Lemm – Killed while serving in Afghanistan

NYPD Detective Jospeh Lemm was one of six American troops killed in a suicide attack near Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.     Detective Lemm was from Beemer, NE which is just north of the Omaha area. Lemm was on his 3rd tour in the Middle East and was the epitome of selflessness and honor. His [...]

Officers didn’t waste a second. 

   OPOA members Robbie Goering-Jensen and Anthony Abboud rescued physically disabled citizens from their home while it was on fire this past weekend. Abboud who was on his first day in his Field Training portion and his Field Trainer Goering-Jensen came upon the fire in the area of 30th & Martin.  They were notified that [...]


  In this article from Washington Post facts are brought up dispelling lie's that have been told throughout 2015. Whether its outrageous and untrue claims made by Donald Trump or downright lies spewed by Hillary Clinton. Nobody and no lie, is safe. This includes the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" movement. This phrase has become the [...]

Christmas In The Village!

Over this past weekend Omaha Police Officers Association members participated in the community event at North Omaha's Christmas in the village. We love receiving pictures showing our members engaged in the community.  

Eight Years Gone By – But Not Forgotten.

8 years has gone by since the unthinkable occurred in Omaha. While it is said that time can heal all wounds... Some wounds cut so deep that they will never be fully healed. May we never forget those that lost their lives at Von Maur on this tragic day. Beverly Flynn Janet Jorgensen Gary Joy [...]

First responders and “military equipment”

Yet again, San Bernadino shows a perfect example of why law enforcement should have armored vehicles in their fleets.     The instances in which these vehicles are being utilized to save not only civilians lives but also officers keep stacking up.    When officers are faced with mobile active gunmen and possible IED devises [...]

2X Convicted Nebraska Murderer caught with gun!

REPEAT CONVICTED MURDERER CAUGHT WITH FIREARM Terry Barfield, a man that told Omaha community leaders that he is a "changed man". A man that claimed he can help the youth get away from the gang life. A man that promised he was a reformed criminal - is back in jail the same year he was [...]

Duty, Honor, Courage, and Sacrifice.

Police Officer Garrett Swasey, 44 years old, killed while responding to a horrific scene in Colorado Springs yesterday. 5 police officers and 4 civilians hospitalized when a gunman opened fire.Why would human beings, run towards a deadly situation and take such risk?  Is it because one human life is worth more than others?Is it because [...]

Tips from a Thief

Remember these tips when beginning your holiday shopping.     Omaha Police Officers Association

Inmates walk early in Nebraska


Why do police need “military equipment”?

"MILITARY EQUIPMENT" SAVES OFFICERS LIVES If it wasn't for this modern day equipment, the lives lost in Paris would have been higher. Officers having access to modern day equipment for a terrorist or active shooter event is not only a realistic expectation but a great safety concern to communities that are deprived or barred from [...]