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Giving a break to the wrong people

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said this, "Its called giving a break" to people who use guns to commit crimes. Should the State of Nebraska Criminal Justice System give breaks to habitual offenders? We are certain you recall the campaign ads, "If you do a gun crime, You will do the time." Also, introduction of [...]

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He’s at it again

He's at it again.....Omaha Sen. Ernie Chambers. Introduced bills to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences (LB172) for gun charges and habitual offenders (LB173). What does this include? Doing away with minimum sentences for: Child Porn Charges Certain Drug Offenses in School Zones Offenders with two Prior Felony Convictions Proposed changes would drop the requirement for [...]

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You are on the hook – law-abiding citizen.

You are on the hook. Thanks to Nebraska's 3rd Party Liability Law. The honest, hard working, law-abiding citizens of this city are responsible for the consequences of a criminal's decision to run from police.  [...]

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Judge Gleason Sounds the Gavel for Public Safety

Judge Gleason Sounds the Gavel for Public Safety. Danny Harden-Bolton, 16yrs old - is charged for the murder of 23yr old Brandon Wallace back in June 2014. It seems that Danny was out to make sure that “snitches got their stitches” and to make absolutely sure, he brought along a gun loaded with death. [...]

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Police Use of Force and the Facts

This is what the media isn't telling you.

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Cents for Lincoln, No Sense for Omaha.

How to fix our prison overcrowding problem?   Let the criminals out! [...]

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How does an officer decide on the amount of force used?

Often times people are curious about how an officer decides what amount of force to use for a given situation. Allow us to help educate. [...]

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A Video NEVER Tells the Whole Story

We have seen this video posted with derogatory comments towards the officers involved and OPD as a whole.  [...]

Nonchalant “Shots Fired” Reality.

"Shots Fired at State Trooper's car".... reads the headline in our local news this morning. [...]

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No crazy antics this time…

Robert Grant sentenced. [...]

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Detective Samuel Drummy – Lest We Forget

*LEST WE FORGET* Detective Samuel Drummy Omaha Police Detective Simon Samuel Drummy was shot and killed on Saturday, February 15, 1908 in a pool hall near 26th & N Street while trying to apprehend a robbery suspect. Drummy and two other detectives approached a suspect at the back of the pool hall. Before he could [...]

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Homicide Suspect Caught!

Silence did not lead to his capture... [...]

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It’s a Dangerous Job

As a police officer we know the danger involved in this job. The possibility of injuries that stay with us for a lifetime or even take our lives. Justin Rutherford was the Chief of Police at Tifton, Georgia. Justin worked with K-9's for several years including in Iraq where he worked with bomb [...]

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Officer Dan Tiedeman Omaha Police Officer Dan Tiedeman was shot on Wednesday, June 9, 1897 while investigating a burglary at 30th & Spaulding Street. Upon interrupting the burglary in progress, Tiedeman was shot in the abdomen with a shotgun while chasing one of the fleeing suspects. Tiedeman died from his wound on Thursday, June [...]

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“Burger King Ballin” – Thieves help bust themselves.

In today’s world of technology, it’s hard to get away with anything without someone finding out– [...]