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Omaha officers are dispatched to a Domestic Violence call.

High risk youth / gang members paid to attend school

Paying highest-risk youth, potential gang leaders, paying them to change. ($7.25 an hour to attend school) [...]

Solution to prison overcrowding!

How do you solve the prison overcrowding problem?


Another gun off the street

Nov, 9th around 2:38am - [...]

Local violent gang life glorified in social media videos.


NW Cops bust repeat felon!


Prison furlough program was not legally created.

OWH reports ... [...]

Robert Grant…

He allegedly murdered his victim by stabbing her 40+ times. [...]

Help Solve Janee Hadan’s Murder!

It's been nearly a year since Janee Hadan was shot to death in the parking lot of Passions bar near 108th and Q ST.

No arrests - for her murder anyways - have been made.

It's time to run down some of the publicly accessible facts of the case to help jog some memories. [...]

Found this on social media regarding good time…


Prison overcrowding recommendations coming to light.


The choice of the Omaha POA!


OPOA President implores Senator Ashford to protect Omaha Citizens

Before any elections... Before any politics... Before the Nikko Jenkins rampage.... [...]

SENATORS! Fix these laws!

Another Nebraska "Good Time" early release law that makes absolutely no sense.

SHOCKING NEWS! (insert sarcasm)