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There is NO constitutional right to resist lawful arrest

The US was a nation born of a quest for constitutional freedoms...not acquiescence to "rulers".

The constitutional freedoms we enjoy today are the direct byproduct of the blood our forefathers shed to defeat tyrannical rule.

But in order to maintain a civil, free society there must be rules, boundaries, law and order and someone to actually apply it.


Hear Ferguson rioters in their own words

An eye opening news interview with two individuals who admit to being involved in the riot that looted and burned numerous businesses in Ferguson, MO.

It "was necessary".


Watch criminal looters taking advantage of community grief

On Saturday, Police in Ferguson, Missouri - a suburb of St. Louis- were involved in a physical altercation with an 18 year old male citizen.

At the end of the incident, the citizen was dead.

Media reports indicate he was unarmed and an investigation into the facts surrounding the shooting has been seen launched.

Within hours, a peaceful demonstration assembled at the scene in which citizens exercised their God given first amendment right to express concern over the incident.

Hours later, a much different "demonstration" erupted... [...]

Troy Bruno apparently doesn’t get it.

So earlier today we introduced you to Troy Bruno , the Fort Calhoun thug who seems to enjoy traveling to Omaha to cause mayhem.

Bruno currently sits in prison after being sentenced to 1 year for Terroristic Threats.

His original charge was Robbery and he will be free in 3 months thanks to automatic good time.

Loyal readers reached out to suggest we look deeper into Mr. Bruno... and so we did. [...]

Meet Troy Bruno

In early 2014, Troy Bruno was arrested for a violent Robbery and facing up to 50 years in prison.

The charge was later reduced to Terroristic Threats. [...]

Repeat Burglar, Noah Strimple’s trips through the Nebraska Prison’s revolving door.

(Strike 1)
In 2006, Noah Strimple was arrested for Felony Possession of Meth and sentenced to probation.

Within 2 years he messed that up by violating his probation for behavior such as associating with known criminals, imbibing alcohol and testing positive for meth.

For violating his probation, Strimple was sentenced to 1 years and 8 months to 3 years in prison. Thanks to automatic good time, he was released in a little over 1 year.

Strimple clearly didn't learn his lesson. [...]

Offender screws up a second chance

In 2013, Bryan Jirkowsky was arrested for Felony Possession of Controlled Substance and Felony Theft.

Last January the Judge Randall was willing to take a good faith chance on Jirkowsky and allowed him to enroll in Drug Court.

Successful completion of Drug Court would not only have given him a chance at an addiction free life, but also avoidance of prison and a felony record.

It took Jirkowsky less than 1 month to screw that up. [...]

Judge Pankonin continues to protect law abiding citizens

Last month, Felon Enrico Romero stood in former prosecutor and current Judge, Kim Pankonin's courtroom for sentencing.

Romero has been convicted of being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm and for Felony Possession of a Machine Gun / Short Shotgun / Short Rifle. [...]

Judges up for retention in November

According to the Nebraska Supreme Court website, the following Douglas County District Court Judges are up for their retention vote in November.

We see a few names on this list who do a pretty good job, and a few who probably deserve your attention.

You can research Judges on our website by simply placing their last name into the search bar.

This November...YOU BE THE JUDGE! [...]

Omaha. A national model for fixing problems.

The national debt has soared past $16 Trillion...

Social Security is set to run dry in 2033...

...and our national politicians continue to squabble and essentially do nothing while the problems only grow bigger.

Meanwhile in Omaha...

We are actually fixing our challenges.



Repeat, repeat, repeat offender going back to prison.

In 2006, then 18 year old Marcquese "Quezy" (pronounced Queasy?) Petties was sentenced to 1 and a half years to 2 and a half years for Robbery.

Thanks to automatic "good time" early release, he was released 7 months later.

In 2009, Petties was convicted of two counts of DV Assault and sentenced to 2 years.

With automatic good time he was out in 10 months. [...]

Robber will enjoy early release

Last December, Deshawn Jackson was charged with Robbery, an offense that carries a possible sentence of up to 50 years.

In March, Jackson requested to have the case transferred to juvenile court, but later pled guilty once the Robbery charge was reduced to *Attempted* Robbery.

Judge Schatz convicted Jackson and sentenced him last month to 3 to 5 years in prison. [...]

Armed Robber to enjoy early release.

In January, Robert McCraney and a coconspirator robbed a local South West Omaha cabbie at gunpoint. [...]

Busting Burglars and Car Thieves…

...It's not as easy as you might think.

A recent story in the Omaha World Herald highlighted the recent decrease in clearance rates for Burglaries and Auto Thefts in Omaha.

Yesterday we discussed the challenges with maintaining a high clearance rate when so many other participants within the CJ system (other than cops and prosecutors) seem bound and determined to release these so called "non violent offenders" as soon as possible.

Another challenge to maintaining high clearance rates is Nebraska's - and by extension Omaha's - extremely restrictive laws and policies pertaining to property crime felons who flee from police in a vehicle. [...]

Are crime trends the fault of the cops?

It's rare when we here at report on so called "non-violent offenders".

We prefer to focus our attention on violent offenders and gang members.

But today's article in the Omaha World Herald has prompted us to direct our attention otherwise for a bit.