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Family angry over robbery interference

A young gunman robs a Dollar Store - and customer reacts. [...]

Troy Landers, violent offender…


“Hands Up!”

In this video, a witness may believe this suspect is surrendering "hands-up"... [...]

Home Invasion 911 Call!

Three hours before sunrise this morning, Omaha police officers respond to a 911 Home Invasion call in the area of 52nd & Wier St. [...]

Murderer let out of prison early…

New details emerge on why Dittrich was let out of prison after serving 41yrs for murder.

When moms go bad.

It is a wonderful thing when a mother helps her child in need, unless your name is Dawn McKnight... [...]

A holiday gift for an armed suspect

November brought a wave of bank robberies to our city.  [...]

New “gang” video surfaces


“Unarmed Individuals” kill police officers


Santa Cop 2014

This is the 15th year that the Omaha Police Officers Association has planned and organized the Santa Cop event! [...]

Pressure, quotas, and denial.


Hostile work environment?

How much would you want to be paid to do this job?

Multiple arrests – Eight guns off the street!

November 20th - Bank Robbery, Shooting and Home Invasion investigation continues... [...]

Fake Gun = Fake Crime?


Is time the only evidence we need for proof of criminal rehabilitation?