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City Councilman David Grosso has a plan…

City Councilman David Grosso's plan for reducing violence? [...]

$1,000,000 bond for Dustin

Dustin Loparco [...]

“Non violent” criminal? or “dangerous offender”?

Was notorious Omaha gangster Jimmie Levering a “non violent” offender?

Some politicians and Judges would likely say “yes”. [...]

Poor Dustin Loparco


A “Help an Officer” call is never a “good time”.



The “prison gloves” are coming off in the race for Nebraska Governor.

When asked about dangerous inmates: [...]

“Low Level Offenders” you say?

A few "Powers-ful" examples. [...]

Criminals continue to rejoice

Criminals continue to REJOICE... [...]

Prison Reform! Where do the candidates stand?

Where do the men who wish to be your governor stand on prison reform and combating violent and repeat criminals?

Fresh video of the hard hitting debate where the candidates make their positions crystal clear!


Little girl whoops up on predator!

Note to child predators....

Don't pick on little kids who come straight from Karate class....


Things seen on Patrol…

(Sent to us by a local civilian who snapped this pic on a public roadway) [...]

Dancing Traffic Cops in Omaha?

As "entertaining" as they are... WON'T see them here. [...]

One Florida POA has had enough.

Enough murders of police officers. [...]

More “Lincoln Math”


“Lincoln Math”

"More Lincoln math"