OPD deals with grumpy opossum


Cops get called to the scene of a grumpy, hissing opossum.

Cops try to gently prod said grumpy opossum to “move along”.

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Why is truth in sentencing good enough for the citizens of TX, AK, and WI…but NOT for the citizens of Nebraska?


Three noted politicians -Sara Palin from Alaska, Ted Cruz from Texas, and Scott Walker from Wisconsin – have weighed in on the race for Nebraska Governor.

It’s interesting that the candidate they are supporting has arguably the weakest record on supporting “truth in sentencing” and matters relating to crime.

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Omaha’s latest homicide arrest, a frequent good time enjoyer.

Teon Hill


This week, OPD announced the arrest of 21 year old Teon Hill in the December homicide of Virgil Dunn.

Amazingly, even at his young age, HILL has already been in and out of prison twice.

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Rapist to enjoy more “good time

Freddie Perkins

Last month, 54 year old Freddie Perkins stood in Judge Peter Bataillon’s courtroom.

Perkins had been convicted by Judge Bataillon of 1st Degree Sexual Assault.

Judge Bataillon sentenced Perkins to 15-20 years for the rape.

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Judge Retelsdorf and County Attorney Don Kleine lock away repeat shooter.

Rashee Harris

 In December of 2012, the Nebraska Parole Board released shooter Rashee Harris.

OPOA predicted that it would not turn out well.

It didn’t.

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Two child sex assaulters to enjoy early release!

Nicholas Richter

In March, Nicholas Richter and Santino Majok both stood in front of the bench of Judge Leigh Ann Retelsdorf.

Both had been convicted of 3rd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child.

3 counts of Sexual Assault of a Child for Richter.

1 Count of Sexual Assault of a Child for Majok.

State law limited Judge Retelsdorf – a former prosecutor – to a maximum of 5 years for each conviction.

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Credit where it’s due


Whether you love his positions or hate his positions…

…you have to agree that Senator Chambers is passionate about – and dedicated to – what he believes in.

It should make voters think…

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Operation Purple Haze Prison Sentences


Prison sentences start rolling in for Omaha Gang Kingpins!

The hard work of Omaha police and the County Attorney’s office invested in Operation Purple Haze is paying off..

Big time.

Prison sentences so far…

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Turn off the video camera and call 911!

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 9.52.38 AM

Stumbling across another past fight / assault caught on tape in Omaha gives us an opportunity to editorialize a bit…


The main point of having a *cell phone* is to actually have a means of *communicating* with people…not simply to have a video camera.

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“Back to da slammer!”

Back to da O!

In February, 25 year old Jeremy T. Baker was sentenced by Judge Michael Coffey to 3 years in Prison for being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm and 1 year (to be served concurrently) for Felony Possession of Meth.

At the time of his violation, Baker was recently out on parole for Felony Theft, and apparently quite excited about it too as evidenced by his Facebook post which bragged that he was …

“Back to da O!”

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Ever wonder why some gas stations hire off duty officers?


Well, there you go…

( Warning!  Extreme violence and profanity!  Viewer discretion advised!)

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The Juvenile Justice System. From the perspective of a street cop.



An anonymous Patrol Officer


The young offender in question just turned 16 earlier this year.

He began his criminal career in 2008, with an assault. He was given diversion.

He somehow managed to avoid arrests until 2012 when he was charged with yet another assault.

Two weeks after the assault arrest, he was arrested yet again for unlawful occupancy (being a passenger in a stolen car) and was placed on juvenile probation.

The Juvenile Probation order requires him to attend school.

Now begins the young offender’s “break out year” of 2013.

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Judge Mark Ashford tried his best to crush a Sexual Offender..


..but is limited by automatic “good time” laws that Lincoln REFUSES to reform.

In July of last year, repeat Felon Bud Christensen attempted to sexually assault a woman while holding her against her will, all the while allegedly using a weapon.

In February, Christensen pled guilty, apparently in exchange for the weapon charge being dropped.

The two remaining charges – Attempted 2nd Degree Sexual Assault and 1st Degree False Imprisonment – each only carry a maximum of 5 years for each conviction.

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Four Time Felon To Enjoy “Good Time”….Again. Avoids Habitual Criminal Conviction.

prison 2007
In June of last year, 29 year old James Ellerbruch was driving a stolen car down I-80 when an Omaha Police Officer attempted to pull him over.
Being in a stolen ride was the least of Ellerbruch’s concerns.Ellerbruch also had multiple felony warrants for his arrest, one of which was for violating his parole.

As Ellerbruch attempted to flee, he slammed the stolen car into an innocent motorist, seriously injuring her.

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“Fountain Lion!”


So in our last post about the Gov’s veto of pay raises for Probation Officers, loyal reader Bob Peabody responded:

“Huge mistake by the governor! Why is it that we can’t get our elected officials to focus on real issues rather than on fountains and mountain lions.”

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