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Billy Walsh – At it again.

Billy Walsh.   This guy is no stranger when it comes to assaulting your Omaha Police Officers.   While checking public records, what we found was very disturbing.   Less then 100 days ago, this punk decided to destroy property in Downtown Omaha, and then harass and threaten the peaceful, hard working people of [...]

From Bad To Dangerous

  This shows how a situation can go from bad to incredibly dangerous in a few seconds. If the suspect would have listened to the lawful order to place his hands behind his back when instructed the entire event would have gone differently. Instead, by choosing to pull his arms away, ignore [...]


6 Officers in 6 days

North Dakota Police Officer Mortally Wounded

Another Police Officer shot and mortally wounded while protecting and serving this morning. Fargo North Dakota Police Officer Jason Moszer, 33, responded to the scene of a Domestic Violence crime which turned into a standoff. The suspect fired several times, striking Moszer.  

Oregon Officer Murdered While Serving Warrant

Sergeant Jason Gooding was shot and mortally wounded yesterday while serving a warrant in downtown Seaside Oregon. In an attempt to subdue the subject with a taser device, the suspect produced a firearm and shot Gooding. Gooding was pronounced deceased at the hospital. Another responding officer shot and killed the subject. Gooding was 39 years [...]


  Early this morning a Sioux City Police Officer was shot while investigating reports of robberies and burglaries. The suspect identified as Isaiah Mothershed is in police custody. The Officer has been treated and thankfully released from the hospital. Omaha Police Officers Association


Anthony Wells is a name that should sound familiar. Whether its because you recognize it from us reporting on his multiple good time releases in the past. Or its because of his connection to Nikko Jenkins and being accused of supplying the deadly firearm used in his savage rampage. We now have a third instance [...]

CCW Holder Saves Deputies Life

"I’m alive today because of him" Deputy Dylan Dorris said about US Marine Scott Perkins. Deputy Dorris was in a struggle with a suspect who was violently beating him and trying to take his firearm. Scott Perkins saw what was going on and drew his weapon ordering the suspect to freeze. The suspect then fled, [...]

Kobus Memorial Service

K9 KOBUS MEMORIAL SERVICE The Omaha Police Department will be holding a memorial service for K-9 Kobus at Christ Community Church, 404 So. 108th Avenue at 2 p.m. Thursday January 28th. Christ Community Church has graciously offered their location for members of law enforcement and the public to pay their respects to Kobus. This will [...]

“I wag my tail”

The ride is fast The sirens wail As cars fly past I wag my tail We're finally here I see the lights I have no fear I'm wired tight My partner, on edge I know him well We'll serve our pledge Blue stress, I smell We approach the door This home I'll comb It's [...]

OPD K9 Kobus Gave His Life Heroically

It is with very heavy hearts we announce that OPD K9 Kobus gave his life heroically today in the line of duty. Kobus was on the scene of a barricaded gunman who shot and killed him in the area of 83rd & Keystone Drive. Please keep Officer McKinney, the OPD K9 Unit, and the [...]

Mayor Stothert Deflects Blame in Snow Removal Fiasco

Click here to see how this Mayor gets it right, Mayor Stothert (links) Few things will stir the ire of a community more than the lack of timely and effective snow removal (whether real or perceived). Clearly, many locals felt the response by the City’s roads department was…well, lacking. And while the [...]

Stand With Our Officer

Officer's Response During Dangerous Road Conditions Criticized by Mayor Jean Stothert. “I can’t say the decision by that officer was something that was well thought out." Mayor Stothert At a time when traffic was backed up for over half a mile, officers were attempting to track a suspect armed with an assault rifle who committed [...]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

  President Obama​ has announced that he will be meeting with fallen Officer Kerrie Orozco's family while he is in Omaha. We hope that part of the discussion will include why Obamas DOJ felt that giving Jalita Johnson (who gave a felon the firearm used to kill Kerrie) probation was an appropriate sentence. Tough on [...]

Why is it VITAL Police carry their sidearm in the courtroom?!?

We do not identify ourselves by our firearms but by our uniforms and shield. Our firearms are for the ultimate last measure of protection. The final last defense against those that wish to do the most harm. When that protection is stripped away, its not only the officers that are at risk, it [...]