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It’s a Dangerous Job


“Burger King Ballin” – Thieves help bust themselves.

In today’s world of technology, it’s hard to get away with anything without someone finding out– [...]

Wanted: Homicide Suspect

Good enough for Washington, but not for Nebraska?

Washington has long been regarded as a national leader in criminal justice.

Robbery Video Available!

Multiple Robberies - and Omaha Police investigators believe they may be related. [...]


Constable Jeremiah McCheane - June 25,1870 [...]

Governor Ricketts has chosen his man…

Governor Ricketts has selected his man, Scott Frakes.

Scott Frakes has his "sleeves rolled up" and is ready to get to work "putting the department back on track." [...]

Can we call our current “Good Time Law” for what it essentially is?


Governor Pete Ricketts announces new candidates for Director of Nebraska Department of Corrections

Potential candidates were identified with the help of Ford Webb Associates, a national firm with expertise in public and governmental sectors who previously assisted then Governor Bob Kerrey in a search for a director position in his cabinet. [...]

A “Shocking” Arrest!

On Tuesday, January 13th, around 12:30pm, Omaha Police responded to a radio call in the area of 46th & Chicago regarding a suspicious Chevy Suburban blocking traffic. [...]

Lest We Forget

Deputy Marshal Thomas Welch
Sunday, June 24th, 1866 [...]

Suspect unwittingly helps Omaha officers with his own capture!

At 2:29 am Officers responded to a radio call to investigate a shooting.

“Walk a mile in my shoes, then you may judge me”. 

Pretty certain most of you have heard this quote.  [...]

Officer risks his life while teenager refuses to comply.

Not following a police officer's verbal directions can lead to tragedy. [...]