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Which is Faster? Action or Reaction?

We asked you a question the other day:
Which is faster? Action or Reaction?
This video will answer that question for you.


What do hands mean to a police officer?

Hands could be the difference between going home at night. Hands could mean the difference between being assaulted or even killed. Failure to see hands for an officer could mean those very hands are retrieving a brick, tire iron, knife or a gun from a waistband or pocket. [...]

How is an Officer’s Use of Deadly Force Investigated?

Rather than answer this question based on opinion, let us go straight to the authority on this question to help us through the fog of social media opinion and news stories:

Douglas County Attorney Donald Klein -

(The Douglas County Attorney is an elected position with a four year term of office. He is responsible for the [...]



(The complete story)

A couple of weeks ago, my partner and I were dispatched to a property damage accident (car accident) near 35th and Franklin.

Since it is just a car wreck, it gets lower priority when being dispatched. So, by the time we get there, it had been an hour since the wreck. The vehicles had [...]

CLOSE YOUR EYES police training…

"If you find yourself in a situation that’s getting heated, take a step back, close your eyes and take a deep breath”


This is no joke - not even a story from
This is actual POLICE training being taught today.

Is this what we want police officers to do during a "heated" situation?
(And sorry, perpetrator... your answer doesn't [...]

Remembering Officer Reynold Wolfe

Omaha Police Officer Reynold Wolfe was shot and killed on this day, February 23, 1935 at the intersection of 12th and Jones Street, during a shootout with armed robbers after a vehicle pursuit.

Officer Wolfe and his partner recognized a suspect vehicle from a radio broadcast, and chased it to where it crashed at 12th and [...]

Discount Safety

Also weighing in on the fight to do away with mandatory minimums is the Platte Institute. [...]

Giving a break to the wrong people

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said this, "Its called giving a break" to people who use guns to commit crimes.

Should the State of Nebraska Criminal Justice System give breaks to habitual offenders?

We are certain you recall the campaign ads, "If you do a gun crime, You will do the time." Also, introduction of laws that [...]

He’s at it again

He's at it again.....Omaha Sen. Ernie Chambers. Introduced bills to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences (LB172) for gun charges and habitual offenders (LB173).

What does this include?
Doing away with minimum sentences for:
Child Porn Charges
Certain Drug Offenses in School Zones
Offenders with two Prior Felony Convictions

Proposed changes would drop the requirement for a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years [...]

You are on the hook – law-abiding citizen.

You are on the hook. Thanks to Nebraska's 3rd Party Liability Law.

The honest, hard working, law-abiding citizens of this city are responsible for the consequences of a criminal's decision to run from police.  [...]

Judge Gleason Sounds the Gavel for Public Safety

Judge Gleason Sounds the Gavel for Public Safety.

Danny Harden-Bolton, 16yrs old - is charged for the murder of 23yr old Brandon Wallace back in June 2014.

It seems that Danny was out to make sure that “snitches got their stitches” and to make absolutely sure, he brought along a gun loaded with death.

Along with wanting to commit [...]

Police Use of Force and the Facts

Cents for Lincoln, No Sense for Omaha.

How to fix our prison overcrowding problem?

Let the criminals out!


How does an officer decide on the amount of force used?

Often times people are curious about how an officer decides what amount of force to use for a given situation. Allow us to help educate. [...]

A Video NEVER Tells the Whole Story

We have seen this video posted with derogatory comments towards the officers involved and OPD as a whole.  [...]