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New Prison Proposal

Nebraska has a prison overcrowding problem. Nebraska doesn’t over-incarcerate. Nebraska doesn’t have enough prison capacity. OPOA supports the Governor’s recommendation of a new 1600-2400 bed prison. OPOA also supports common sense, safe, collaborative approaches to assist and reward worthy inmates with early release and support while also ensuring the public is safe from dangerous offenders [...]

New Prison Proposal2020-02-21T08:21:42-06:00

New Prison Proposed

  Our association has long maintained that Nebraska's prison overcrowding crisis was the result of a serious lack of capacity to house high-risk offenders. Today's announcement of a new 1,600 bed facility is a substantial step toward addressing our state's long-ignored capacity issues. We thank Governor Ricketts, Director Scott Frakes, and the Department of Corrections [...]

New Prison Proposed2020-02-18T18:53:52-06:00

Tragedy of Juvenile Justice Failure

This is a tragedy for all involved. According to public records at, the young man behind the gun was on juvenile probation for truancy, a seemingly small, non-violent offense. But he needed supervision, and services to help him succeed. He was placed on probation on 8/15/2019. On 1/23/2020 the prosecutor motioned to revoke his [...]

Tragedy of Juvenile Justice Failure2020-02-13T17:56:56-06:00

Juvenile Detention

Kearney Youth Treatment Center is asking judges to stop sending them juveniles for the time being. They say the challenged youth coming their way are simply too high risk. Juvenile offenders are running away from group homes consistently, some from court-ordered group homes as far away as Arizona. Juvenile justice reform is not working. Sometimes, [...]

Juvenile Detention2020-02-13T10:31:47-06:00

Nebraska Juvenile Justice Crisis

Nebraska has reached crisis status in juvenile justice. Please read the two OWH articles at the end of this post to see why. The juvenile laws were recently changed so that youths can no longer be detained for their own safety or while awaiting placement. Placement occurs at either a group home or at Kearny.  [...]

Nebraska Juvenile Justice Crisis2020-02-12T16:33:02-06:00

Dangers of Low Bond

When18-year-old Donovan RICHARDSON shot Kenneth NEWMAN, he had previously been set free after paying $1,000 cash bond resulting from multiple gun and drug charges. Recently, the Douglas County Board voted 7-0 to support eliminating cash bond in the state of Nebraska. Had the County Board asked for the input of law enforcement instead of simply relying on [...]

Dangers of Low Bond2020-02-11T10:28:10-06:00

Consequences From New Juvenile Justice Laws

Last week, Kenneth NEWMAN was robbed and shot in his Northwest Omaha home. NEWMAN, well known in the community for his professional commitment to challenged young people, was critically shot and is lucky to be alive. After exhaustive efforts by our members, NEWMAN's assailant - 18-year-old Donovan RICHARDSON - was booked for Attempted Robbery, Felony [...]

Consequences From New Juvenile Justice Laws2020-02-10T16:20:10-06:00

More 2019 LEO Suicides Than Line Of Duty Deaths

According to Blue H.E.L.P., there were more Law Enforcement suicides last year than all other line of duty deaths combined. This is a tough job. Our members see and deal with difficult things. The stress of shift work and horrific crime scenes take a toll. We do our best to support our members in [...]

More 2019 LEO Suicides Than Line Of Duty Deaths2020-01-24T07:23:19-06:00

Local Judge Gives Repeat Illegal Weapon Offender Probation

Our members work hard to locate and arrest dangerous offenders threatening the safety of our community. They also put together solid cases to earn convictions. It is extremely disappointing and frustrating when those solid cases get essentially tossed aside by judges.   This past November, Judge Polk gave a repeat violent offender a light sentence [...]

Local Judge Gives Repeat Illegal Weapon Offender Probation2020-01-21T09:38:56-06:00

Suspect Given Probation For Attempting To Run Over Officer

  We are disappointed and frustrated when our members put a good case together and the judge gives the defendant a light sentence. It is even more appalling when the offender threatened the very life of one of our members.    Back in June 2019 two of our members attempted to contact a theft suspect [...]

Suspect Given Probation For Attempting To Run Over Officer2020-01-17T18:33:20-06:00


Recently on KETV, angry residents of the Northwest Omaha Hillsborough Neighborhood said “ENOUGH”! [...]


Deescalation –

Truth: It takes BOTH sides in a crisis to deescalate a crisis. [...]

Deescalation –2017-08-26T09:22:53-05:00

“Tell my family I love them”

After deadly encounters where an officer discharges his/her firearm, often heard is: "Why didn't they use a taser?" [...]

“Tell my family I love them”2017-08-17T12:10:57-05:00

Proud Sponsor – Giving Back

The OPOA is proud to team up with the Omaha Police Department for another Kids & Cops event at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha. These inspiring children we're able to meet with members from the Uniform Patrol Bureau, Honor Guard, Mounted Patrol, Able 1, Traffic Unit, and K9 Unit. The children received [...]

Proud Sponsor – Giving Back2017-08-16T10:58:43-05:00