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Parents: Police work is challenging enough without adding this to the equation.

Parents: Police work is challenging enough without adding this to the equation.

This "accessory" is sold with the following description: [...]

Senseless Crime and Senseless Legislation

"Nebraska lawmakers, who return to Lincoln in January, should clip and save coverage of the last few days’ shooting violence in Omaha." - Omaha World-Herald​ [...]

Courageous? Brave? CNN reporter and the Dallas Shooter

Leading by example. #KerrieOn

Thank you, Omaha, for all of your support!

While this past week has been very tough for our entire organization, the support from the Omaha community has been overwhelming. [...]

Criminals aren’t the only ones not wanting to be in prison…

Do the riots in Tecumseh tell the one-line story of overcrowding we are getting from our senators in Lincoln? [...]

National Police Week & Manufactured Hate

This week is National Police Week. As thousands of officers from around the country arrive in Washington, DC to show respects to fallen officers, reports are popping up that the anti-police climate is taking its toll on the men and women in uniform and that morale is low in departments across the country. [...]

The Role of the Prosecutor

The prosecutor has three main tasks: to investigate crimes, to decide whether or not to instigate legal proceedings and to appear in court.
The prosecutor investigates crimes together with the police. He or she shall have contact with the person suspected of the crime, the victim and witnesses, and have close contact with the police.

Since our [...]

Ernie Chambers Attacks Public Safety

LB173 – It’s Dangerous

Judge Troia Hands Down Appalling Sentence.

Standing before Judge Troia stood a murderer who threw his victim's lifeless body into a hole after strangling her to death.
Mikael Loyd, 21yrs old, snuffed out the future of a young 19 year old woman, Melissa Rodriguez.

A victim of domestic abuse. Dead.

With the killer standing before Judge Troia, the sentence was about to be handed [...]

More than Just a Cop…



Warning: The video you are about to watch is disturbing. Several officers are assaulted, shot and even killed in this video. The stark reality of what the men and women of law enforcement face every day. Take a moment and watch. These are brothers and sisters, moms and dads, husbands and wives, friends, neighbors [...]

What is Fair and Impartial Policing?

As recent events across the nation have changed the face of modern policing.  Good men and women are employed in law enforcement agencies all over this country.  Members of OPD will be taking part in department wide training in Fair and Impartial Policing.What is Fair and Impartial Policing?  The implication of the science is that [...]

Remember Payton Benson & Take Action!

Vincent Hicks was sentenced to 65 years (so, 35 actual years behind bars) for his actions.

A life stolen away because of gang violence.

Don't forget Payton!
Don't forget CJ, Deandre, Lasandra or Alazia either!

Don't allow their lives to have been lost for nothing.
What can you do?
It's easy.
Everyone who knows someone living the "gangster lifestyle"

Take action!

Shun them.
Report them.
Mentor [...]

Naked Shawn Noble Exposes Himself Again, and Again… and Again.

Naked pervert Shawn Noble exposes himself again, and again, and again. One of the latest victims?

Someone’s 13 year old daughter. [...]