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To Believe Perception or Reality?

“I look around, saw a lot of kids, a lot of young people,” said Armani, a 10-year NYPD veteran and father to a young daughter. “We both look at each other and I go, ‘We’re going to go, but I’m not going to have anyone else go with us.'” [...]

Bravery in Dallas

  Another story of bravery coming out of Dallas. [...]

We Stand With Dallas PD

Our hearts break for our brothers and sisters in Dallas. [...]

They Are Leaving Dallas

48 Officers Left Dallas in June Last month DPD saw 48 officers leave due to low pay and low moral. Dallas is a blueprint for larger metropolitan departments of what can happen when wages/benefits are so low that officers are taking jobs elsewhere to support their families.

Dave Walker Day in Nebraska

Governor Pete Ricketts signed a proclamation naming today Omaha Police Officer Coral Walker Day in Nebraska for his actions in 2013 to end a shooting spree. He received the National Public Safety Medal of Valor for in May for the same incident.  

“Militarized ” Helmet Saves Officers Life

Yesterday, we saw unspeakable acts of horror that occurred in Orlando, FL. The terrorist, who we will not name, carried out his mission of hate against our nation. Part of the story that needs to be told is about the helmet shown here. This "militarized" piece of life saving equipment. The very equipment the President [...]

He Robbed and Punched… a lady in her 70’s

He just pled guilty for robbing and punching a 76 yr old woman at a church (last August). Wayman Clark entered a guilty plea Wednesday in Douglas County District Court. He will be sentenced on the robbery conviction August 3rd. The second accused person: Larry Leggett has pleaded not guilty and has pretrial Monday. [...]

Sheriff Links Crime Increase to Early Prison Release

Las Vegas Valley Sheriff is now linking a rise in crime to California's early release of criminals from prison. Homicides increased 68% and violent crime is up 22% overall. "There’s a “plethora” of reasons why the valley might be experiencing a hike, Lombardo said during an editorial meeting with the Las Vegas Sun, but Metro [...]

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

Officer Paul A. Nields, Sr., Douglas County Omaha Officer Paul A. Nields, Sr. was assigned as a plainclothes narcotics investigator when, at 12:45 a.m. on Thursday, June 6, 1974, he heard an "officer needs help" call. Responding to the call for assistance, Nields and Sgt. Bernard Venditte went to 1818 North 25th Street. A barricaded [...]

Shot In The Line Of Duty

Deuel County Deputy Mike Hutchinson was shot numerous times while on duty as he was trying to serve a warrant on a wanted violent criminal. Now, several months later Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska and Deuel County, NE have announced they are dropping the health insurance for Hutchinson and his family. Their reason? [...]

She says she works for the police department…Don’t believe her.

Police respond to calls where they encounter people under the influence, or not in a reasonable state of mind. This video clip taken by some unknown person to share on social media (NOT law enforcement, not local) shows an example of a person that police should be called to help. We do not recommend [...]

Dallas PD Staffing Crisis

Low morale, low pay, and low trust in leadership have lead to a mass exodus of officers leaving Dallas PD. It doesn't matter if it's a new hire recruit or a veteran detective. They all are leaving at a rate so fast,  HR has said they cannot keep up with the paperwork. Why would [...]

Nothing New To See Here… Sadly.

Tontavious Montgomery (pictured center in the red shirt) is no stranger to the justice system.   Last week it was announced that Montgomery along with Alphonso Hall, was charged with 1st Degree Murder. Both stand accused of killing Terrance Gunn. A look into Montgomery's criminal history shows that this is his 4th time in just [...]

#KERRIEON – First Responders Second Response

On this day, May 20th 2015, our sister, Detective Kerrie Orozco made the ultimate sacrifice. What evil tried to end, lives on. It lives on through countless lives she continues to impact by her bravery, kindness and selflessness. In this video, Officer Chad Schroeder, who was by Kerrie's side as they rushed to the hospital, [...]

Lest We Forget