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Officer Canterbury Reinstated, Use of Force Never The Issue:

As reported already by various media outlets, Officer Canterbury has been reinstated.  This ruling is the product of a fair and impartial hearing in which all of the facts of the case were presented.  This case was never about excessive force, as can clearly be seen in the arbitration ruling, as well as from statements previously made [...]

Officer Canterbury Reinstated, Use of Force Never The Issue:2017-02-19T20:33:25-05:00

Heartbreaking Video Shows “The Thug Cycle” Continuing

Folks...this video is bad. Really, really bad and it will make you angry. It contains extreme profanity and discussion about adult situations and gang violence...and worst of all...a toddler. [...]

Heartbreaking Video Shows “The Thug Cycle” Continuing2017-02-19T20:33:28-05:00

Further Discussion on First Person Shooter Video Games.

Earlier, on our Facebook page, there was quite the lively discussion about whether or not "first person shooter" video games are detrimental to young developing minds. As none of us here at OmahaPOA.com are psychologists, we present you with this fascinating interview on the subject with Lt Col David Grossman, a nationally renowned expert on [...]

Further Discussion on First Person Shooter Video Games.2017-02-19T20:33:28-05:00

Another Levering Arrested For Armed Assault

More unfortunate and untimely news for the embattled Levering family. Yet another Levering family member arrested for a violent armed assault. Late last night, officers responded to a radio call in the area of 27th and Iowa to investigate a disturbance. [...]

Another Levering Arrested For Armed Assault2017-02-19T20:33:28-05:00

The Face of Omaha’s Latest Homicide Victim.

Janee Hadan was shot to death in front of a Soutwest Omaha night club early Sunday morning.Help her family know justice. Contact crime stoppers with your anonymous tip. [...]

The Face of Omaha’s Latest Homicide Victim.2017-02-19T20:33:28-05:00

Beer Bottle Brawl with Dispatch Audio

Beer Bottle Brawl A 51 year old man received life threatening stab wounds to his neck last night at the Stage 2 lounge in North Omaha. Victim Alphone Trippett is now in stable condition thanks to the quick work of skilled OFD paramedics and the expert staff at Creighton ER. [...]

Beer Bottle Brawl with Dispatch Audio2017-02-19T20:33:29-05:00

Death of OPD’s Oldest Retiree

Retired Officer Monroe Coleman passed away last night.  He was the oldest living police retiree that is identified in the current pension payroll system.  He retired as a Deputy Police Chief on 04/11/1984 after serving the citizens of Omaha for 36 years 7 months (hired 09/08/1947). A photo of him on the forth floor recognizes [...]

Death of OPD’s Oldest Retiree2013-11-26T16:24:59-05:00

Audio of Officer Involved Shooting

Just released! Dramatic 911 audio from recent officer involved shooting. Audio provided by mean streets OMA Listener discretion is advised. [...]

Audio of Officer Involved Shooting2017-02-19T20:33:29-05:00

ABLE 1 Assists With Stolen Vehicle Arrest With Audio

Officers responded to 4955 South 131st Street to investigate a report of a stolen vehicle. An officer located the vehicle driving in the area of Interstate-80 and L Street. As the officer got closer to the stolen vehicle, the driver accelerated and drove away at a high rate of speed.  Able-1 located the vehicle near 72nd and [...]

ABLE 1 Assists With Stolen Vehicle Arrest With Audio2017-02-19T20:33:29-05:00

Audio From Two Hour Pursuit of Armed Car-Jacker.

Here is the link to police audio of the two hour pursuit of armed car jacker and repeat offender Allen Williams. Special thanks to MeanStreetsOMA for putting together the audio. [...]

Audio From Two Hour Pursuit of Armed Car-Jacker.2013-11-11T17:13:51-05:00

Move Over Law and Distracted Driving

Here is another graphic reminder of why Nebraska has a move over law and why you should never text and drive. The move over law is a primary violation in Nebraska and requires motorists to move over or slow down if you are unable to move over. [...]

Move Over Law and Distracted Driving2017-02-19T20:33:31-05:00

Kruger Family Files Lawsuit

Kruger family files a $7.5 Million dollar claim against the State of Nebraska for the negligent early release and handling of Nikko Jenkins resulting in the violent murder of their beloved wife, mother, sister and daughter, Andrea Kruger. [...]

Kruger Family Files Lawsuit2017-02-19T20:33:32-05:00

“Can I Get a Ride to the Store”…….?

Often times, certain people give officers flack for not "giving them a ride". "Can I get a ride to the store?" "Can I get a ride to my friends house?" "Can I get a ride home?" [...]

“Can I Get a Ride to the Store”…….?2017-02-19T20:33:32-05:00

DashCam Video Of Violent Shootout

This video is from an Oregon State Troopers Dashcam.  It captures a violent shoot out with a suspect who was stopped for speeding. The officer returned fire and struck the suspect in the chest.  As you can see from the video the suspect did not fall down and die like in the movies.  The suspect [...]

DashCam Video Of Violent Shootout2017-02-19T20:33:32-05:00

Bob Houston is Retiring

The announcement of Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Director Bob Houston is accompanied by a significant amount of finger pointing and criticism regarding his tenure. Lets get one thing straight.. Automatic "good time" early release of dangerous criminals was NOT Houston's fault! [...]

Bob Houston is Retiring2017-02-19T20:33:32-05:00