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Pay Attention to NE Juvenile Law

Gang Unit & Uniform Patrol Officers arrest juvenile with loaded firearm. Last week, during a traffic stop officers came into contact with Mr Dione Carter in a known high crime and gang activity area.   According to the reports officers were able to see a bag of marijuana in plain view of the vehicle. While [...]

Pay Attention to NE Juvenile Law2017-04-10T09:26:05-05:00

LB447 and Unicorns

  Question: What does Ernie Chambers, Newt Gingrich, Grover Norquist, and bill LB447 have in common? [...]

LB447 and Unicorns2017-03-29T12:46:55-05:00

Not Informed? Or Hidden Agenda…

  Nebraska Senator Tom Brewer makes national news while aiming to cripple Nebraskan's rights to collective bargaining. [...]

Not Informed? Or Hidden Agenda…2017-03-25T22:05:41-05:00

Not a “Riot”?!

  Another day has come and gone in Nebraska and another day of troubled riots in the Nebraska prison system. Two deadly riots in two years. Is this going to be the new norm for us to see in the news? Not much is known at this point other than prisoners have yet again taken [...]

Not a “Riot”?!2017-03-03T22:05:22-06:00

Iowa = Anti-Union

Iowa legislators have confirmed that they do not care about their citizens or their rights. [...]

Iowa = Anti-Union2017-02-26T09:44:54-06:00

Houston We Have a Problem!

This was recently posted by one of our members and demonstrates the absolute frustration our members have when dealing with the Juvenile court system created by our legislature. Their name and picture have been blurred to protect the identity of the Officer. How many times do you think the Douglas County Juvenile Court system [...]

Houston We Have a Problem!2017-02-22T11:12:31-06:00

Remembering Greg Hamill

Today we remember Officer Greg Hamill who died from an illness received in the line of duty 3 years ago. His legacy of caring for others still lives on strong through the Omaha Police Department and all those that were fortunate enough to know him. This May, Officer Hamill will be added to the National [...]

Remembering Greg Hamill2017-02-19T20:32:43-06:00

OPD Recruit Officer SCHMITZ

OPD Recruit Officer SCHMITZ shares his experience about the battles his daughter Eden has faced through her life. This heart wrenching story shows the dedication Recruit Officer SCHMITZ has to his family and the struggles they have faced. The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has helped Recruit Officer SCHMITZ transition to Omaha from New Mexico [...]

OPD Recruit Officer SCHMITZ2017-02-17T11:10:12-06:00

Attack On Wages

Just across the river Iowa's first responders, correctional officers, teachers, and public sector unions are under attack by sweeping legislation. [...]

Attack On Wages2017-02-19T20:32:43-06:00

LB 30 = a Bad Bill.

  Yesterday OPOA President Sgt John Wells was in Lincoln with numerous supporters to stand against LB30 which would end a Cities right to maintain a pension for employees. [...]

LB 30 = a Bad Bill.2017-02-19T20:32:43-06:00

San Jose PD may finally be on the right track

San Jose PD may finally be on the right track to hire and retain officers. After 7 years of declining sworn officers San Jose is considering a 20% raise for officers and even adding a $5,000 retention bonus. The key factor to focus on is the 20% raise which would essentially bring them to a [...]

San Jose PD may finally be on the right track2017-02-19T20:32:43-06:00

911 Audio From Officer Involved

Ever first notice an officer in a room or business because of the unique sound of the officers portable radio talking and beeping? Listen to the 911 audio from the recent officer involved shooting at Turner Park. From the calm "hitting on call" to the sound of another officer alerting others just seconds later. When [...]

911 Audio From Officer Involved2017-02-19T20:32:43-06:00

Officer Involved Shooting

We are relieved to inform you that Omaha Police Officer Jill Schillerberg will be ok and only suffered a minor wound during the officer involved shooting today in the midtown area. [...]

Officer Involved Shooting2017-02-19T20:32:43-06:00