Recently we've seen the topic of mental health and law enforcement come to the forefront of what citizens consider a priority. 

Erin Grace of the Omaha World-Herald rode along with Officer Dave Staskiewicz and Officer Aaron Dugick for a shift to experience what we deal with on a daily basis. 

Nowadays, we see Officers duties being shifted far more towards social work and de facto mental health counselors catching bad guys. So what are the options we have when a large number of 911 calls are related to mental health? If the person at the time does not pose an immediate threat to themselves or others Officers options become extremely limited. 

Now, imagine how situations can get tricky when someone in a mental health crisis decides not to comply. Officers must control the situation and do not have a separate use of force policy for anyone that's mentally ill. 

We urge you to read this article to get an understanding of what we experience typically in every shift throughout the day.

Photo credit to Kent Sievers of the OWH