Topeka Officer Saves a Drowning Child

//Topeka Officer Saves a Drowning Child

Topeka Officer Saves a Drowning Child

Officer Aaron Bulmer of the Topeka Police Department was on patrol last Sunday afternoon. While on patrol he noticed a 4 year old child walking near the pond's edge, so he exited his cruiser to check on the child. As he was exiting, the child fell into the water and began to struggle to keep his head above water.


Officer Bulmer then rushed towards the pond jumping after the child and grabbing him bringing him back above the water. After several seconds of the boy struggling to breath from the water that had begun to fill his lungs, you'll hear him begin to breath normally.

It was later learned that the 4 year old child had autism and his mother had been looking for him. They were rejoined shortly after the rescue. According to news reports the child was checked at a local medical hospital and cleared with a clean bill of health.

Please join us in congratulating Officer Bulmer for his awareness and quick actions that saved this child's life!

Omaha Police Officers Association