Safe NOT Safe

//Safe NOT Safe

Safe NOT Safe

Providence Rhode Island city Council Council approves the Community Safety Act 12-0.

But don't let the name of the city ordinance fool you at all. It is anything but a "community safety act".

The ordinance, which was inspired after recent national highlighted events of law enforcements use of force, takes away almost every officers ability to proactively patrol and police in the city. It goes as far as to restrict officers from asking for ID more than one time from anybody.

Chief Clements of the Providence PD has taken a public stance against the politically driven ordinance and defends his officers and department. Providence officers already are working in the highest crime rate area for the state of Rhode Island. Now we're going to see that rate increase even more.

We saw some comments from those in the community that said “since the Michael Brown Incident” they have been looking at ways to reform the Providence Police Department.

Of course there is just one minor problem with that sentiment. The Department of Justice found no wrong doing with the Brown Incident and the so called witnesses that claimed his hands were up decided not to stick to those lies in front of a grand jury.

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