TX On Track to LOSE 500 Officers

//TX On Track to LOSE 500 Officers

TX On Track to LOSE 500 Officers

Dallas PD is on track to lose an additional 500 Officers on top of 400 that have previously left 

Yes, you read that correct. Dallas is estimating an additional 500 Officers are leaving the department in search of better pay and retirement benefits. The upside for the Officers leaving, they don't have to go very far at all to find new careers.

Cities such as Forth Worth, Houston, Rockwell, & Grand Prairie all have been hiring the veteran and trained Officers by the hundreds.

Prior Chiefs that have served for Dallas attribute the problem to low pay and uncertainty for the Dallas Pension fund. One way that Dallas can fix their pension fund is already in the works in the form of a legislative bill. If passed it could breath fresh air into the pension fund and begin to step it towards solvency.

Departments & Cities that have not taken measures to fix pension funds like Omaha and moved away from them to 401K type systems have seen massive losses of veteran Officers. Those Officers are taking their money and leaving for departments with better retirement.


Omaha Police Officers Association