Luther Gilmore is no stranger to the Nebraska Justice System. He has a felony burglary record that spans as far back as 1974 and continued through the late 2000's.

All together, Mr Gilmore has served a total of 3 separate sentences for burglaries and theft. The most angering part of the sentences? Mr Gilmore has never served more than a few months for each felony sentence when you factor in time served and good time.

On 10-9-2009 Gilmore was sentenced to 5-7 years for 2 counts of Burglary. He was released from prison on good time on 9-28-2012 after only serving less than 3 years.

On 11-19-14 Gilmore was sentenced to 1 year for 1 count of Burglary. He was released from prison on 2-6-2015. That's right, for his second burglary conviction he was released 3 months after calculating his time served and good time laws.

On 4-11-16 Gilmore was sentenced to 1 yr 8 months to 4 years for Felony Theft and 3rd Degree Assault. Gilmore yet again was able to enjoy Nebraska's good time and was released from Prison on 12-30-2016.

Now, almost one year later on 4-9-2017 Omaha Police Officers came into contact with Gilmore during a traffic stop and located a handgun that was loaded and defaced. According to the reports Gilmore admitted to the Officers that the handgun was his.

So we pose this question, again. How many more times are we going to see habitual criminals go through the revolving door that is Nebraska's criminal justice system only to re-offend?

Omaha Police Officers Association