Question: What does Ernie Chambers, Newt Gingrich, Grover Norquist, and bill LB447 have in common?

Answer: Fantasy.

Legislative Bill 447 is based on such fictional pretenses and false conclusions it should be renamed LB unicorn.

We already know that Ernie lives in a fantasy world of racist beliefs and projects his venom onto the legislature that directly effects our communities, families, and children.

Now, Ernie is so bent on NOT building a desperately needed prison, that he is willing to throw dangerous drug DEALERS back onto the streets.

Just as a sane person would agree that unicorns are not somewhere in the desert galloping around...

... The idea behind LB 447 is that DRUG DEALERS are harmless, innocent perps causing our prisons to be overcrowded, equals the same insanity as looking for a unicorn and expecting to find one.

So naive is the thought that dangerous crimes and drug dealers do not walk hand in hand - we must question the real motive behind LB447.

And why Newt and Norquist?!?

Tell your Nebraska Senators to make the sane choice. Call them. Email them.