Nebraska Senator Tom Brewer makes national news while aiming to cripple Nebraskan's rights to collective bargaining.

Every year we see the same efforts being introduced into the Nebraska Legislature attacking collective bargaining and our members rights. This week representatives from the OPOA testified against LB 503 which if passed would stop public employers from collecting dues from union members who are voluntarily making the deductions.

Brewer is quoted in the article saying “get the government out of the business of being a dues collector.” He also stated he doesn't want to hurt unions, just wants their members to make a conscious choice to pay dues.

Here is something that Senator Tom Brewer should already know. Nebraska is a right to work state. Every single citizen that belongs to union does so of their own free will. They choose to let their collective voices be heard and they choose to voluntarily make their dues contributions.

So what's the point of Brewers bill if he claims to not want to hurt or eliminate unions?