Not a “Riot”?!

//Not a “Riot”?!

Not a “Riot”?!


Another day has come and gone in Nebraska and another day of troubled riots in the Nebraska prison system.

Two deadly riots in two years. Is this going to be the new norm for us to see in the news? Not much is known at this point other than prisoners have yet again taken over a section of the prison, set fires, and 2 prisoners were killed in the incident.

Overcrowding and lack of rehabilitation have been a serious safety issue for not only correctional officers but for other inmates that possibly could be caught up in another riot.

"Mike Marvin, executive director of the Nebraska Association of Public Employees, said some of the same conditions that spawned the 2015 riot — overcrowding and lack of rehabilitation programs — still exist in the state prison system."

Are we assured that prisoners that participated in these riots are being formally assessed and losing their good time so they aren't being released back into society prematurely?

Some politicians think that these same inmates that light fires and riot will have a miraculous rehabilitation when they leave prison. We think no. The Nebraska legislature knows how we feel about good time for violent offenders. What do you think?