Houston We Have a Problem!

//Houston We Have a Problem!

Houston We Have a Problem!

This was recently posted by one of our members and demonstrates the absolute frustration our members have when dealing with the Juvenile court system created by our legislature. Their name and picture have been blurred to protect the identity of the Officer.

How many times do you think the Douglas County Juvenile Court system will allow a seemingly reckless teenager back onto the streets unsupervised?

One time? Then, if they re-offend almost immediately order them to the Douglas County Juvenile Detention center until services can be engaged with the youth to try and correct them from the path they're on.

Nope, not even the second time. Don't worry, they're back at home on a tracking monitor. Before the Officer has even finished their reports.

Third time must be a charm right? Wrong. Same situation. Another stolen car, another tracking monitor, and yet another monitor cut off and they're back on the run.

Now what makes this 4th time so different? They were involved in a pursuit (IN ANOTHER STOLEN CAR) shortly after they were involved in a shooting.

What will it take before the Douglas County Juvenile Court system and your elected senators take seriously one who re-offends so recklessly? Do we have to wait until innocent people are killed before the perp is deemed a serious threat to society?

We are in NO way implying that EVERY juvenile involved with the court system needs to be locked away.

But give us a break, how can something this out of control and dangerous keep happening over and over again before our Senators and the juvenile justice system do something serious about this horrific problem?!?