Attack On Wages

//Attack On Wages

Attack On Wages

Just across the river Iowa's first responders, correctional officers, teachers, and public sector unions are under attack by sweeping legislation.

In a move that could impact close to 200,000 Iowan's, politicians are poised to take away every single bargaining right. Except for negotiating a base wage.

"I think it’s an extremely bold proposal," said Drew Klein, director of the Iowa chapter of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity. "When you really start to dig into the substance of this bill, it makes a number of really important changes. It does so in a common sense way. It does so while protecting our government services but also making sure that we’re protecting budgets at the state and local level as well."

Lets break down the "common sense way" and how it will protect government services. Taking away earned benefits such as health insurance, seniority rights, sick leave, annual vacation, retirements, evaluation procedures, and longevity benefits is sure a responsible way to retain quality employee's and attract new hires.

The coming years will be very telling to watch and see if approved what happens to Iowa's workforce and if they see a decline in their state population from families leaving elsewhere for better job markets and better rights.