One year ago today we were stunned by the tragic loss of K9 Kobus who selflessly gave his life in the line of duty.

The ride is fast
The sirens wail
As cars fly past
I wag my tail

We're finally here
I see the lights
I have no fear
I'm wired tight

My partner, on edge
I know him well
We'll serve our pledge
Blue stress, I smell

We approach the door
This home I'll comb
It's my solemn chore
My team will go home

My partner shouts
There's no retort
But I have no doubts
I enter the fort

I pick up the scent
My nose, he can't foil
Into the darkness I went
Smell of gas, anger, fear....gun oil?

I'm getting warmer
I've found my man
I round the corner
It hits the fan

The shots ring out
But I charge ahead
My partner shouts
But for THIS fight, I was bred

The fight is on
But the rounds, too many
I did not run
Of bravery, I had plenty

My legs give out
To the floor I fall
I was the scout
I gave my all

My team moves back
I'm glad they're safe
I took the attack
So my partners, he could not strafe

The room's going dark
I never put on the skids
Because my bite IS worse than my bark
And my partner must see his kids.

My life was broad
I did not fail
As I see God
I wag my tail

He stared in the face of evil and didn't hesitate. Remember the sacrifice that was made and never forget that a hero remembered never dies.