Three noted politicians -Sara Palin from Alaska, Ted Cruz from Texas, and Scott Walker from Wisconsin - have weighed in on the race for Nebraska Governor.

It's interesting that the candidate they are supporting has arguably the weakest record on supporting "truth in sentencing" and matters relating to crime.




In contrast....

In Sara Palin's state of Alaska-

Inmates can reduce their sentence by up to 1/3rd IF they follow the rules (i.e. "good time" does NOT automatically chop sentences in half like Nebraska).

Also unlike Nebraska, "Good time" in Alaska is NOT awarded to offenders who commit Class A Felonies which are defined by Alaska State Law as "felonies which characteristically involve conduct resulting in serious physical injury or a substantial risk of serious physical injury to a person".

In Ted Cruz's state of Texas -

Violent and repeat felony offenders do NOT enjoy "good time" early release. They must earn parole or stay in prison.

In Scott Walker's state of Wisconsin-

In 2011, Wisconsin - under Gov. Walker- passed "truth in sentencing" laws which mandated that felony offenders do NOT get good time early release. Once serving 75% (for violent felons) or 85% (for lower level felons) of their sentence, inmates can petition the original judge to reduce the sentence.

Meanwhile here in Nebraska...

Pete Ricketts has put his money and efforts behind efforts to change our laws so that criminals can continue to avoid prison and continue to enjoy early release.

He was noticeably absent from the debate as we (citizens and the OPOA) fought hard to reform Nebraska's automatic good time laws.

We need a Governor who will stand WITH us in promoting truth in sentencing laws like those enjoyed by the good citizens of Alaska, Texas and Wisconsin.