In December of 2012, the Nebraska Parole Board released shooter Rashee Harris.

OPOA predicted that it would not turn out well.

It didn't.

Rashee Harris

Rashee Harris

In July of 2013, while on parole, Harris shot a man near 24th and Lake.

Last month, 23 year old Harris stood in front of tough Judge / former prosecutor Leigh Anne Retelsdorf, who had convicted him of Felony Assault and Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Judge Retelsdorf sentenced to Harris to an additional 23-30 years which brings his total sentence to 32 to 45 years.

Nice work your honor and job well done to the prosecutors and officers who worked so hard to secure this conviction.

Unfortunately, Harris's sentence will be chopped in half thanks to automatic good time.

Harris must be released in 22.5 years.

He will be 40 years old.