Two child sex assaulters to enjoy early release!

In March, Nicholas Richter and Santino Majok both stood in front of the bench of Judge Leigh Ann Retelsdorf.

Both had been convicted of 3rd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child.

3 counts of Sexual Assault of a Child for Richter.

1 Count of Sexual Assault of a Child for Majok.

State law limited Judge Retelsdorf – a former prosecutor – to a maximum of 5 years for each conviction.

Judge Retelsdorf dropped the hammer on both offenders and gave them the maximum allowable by law for each charge.

Nice work Judge Retelsdorf!

And job well done to the prosecutors and cops that made the conviction possible.

End result:

Richter was sentenced to 14 to 15 years in prison.

Nicholas Richter

Nicholas Richter

Majok was sentenced to 4 to 5 years in prison.

Santino Majok

Santino Majok

But of course….

….we must now factor in automatic “good time” early release – which Lincoln refuses to reform – and their sentences are automatically cut in half.

Richter must be released in just over 7 years.

Majok must be released in just 8 months.

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2 Responses to Two child sex assaulters to enjoy early release!

  1. Robert Strong says:

    I would have to agree with Dan Larson ; tthis is all about the business generated cash flow for the lawyers and judges and these perverts get early release. This is pathetic and we all know it. Robert David Strong

  2. Dan Larsen Dan Larsen says:

    This means to me that the legislature has obviously been corrupted by those people who “treat” the untreatable.

    Although there has never been a documented case of pedophilia that has been competently declared as “cured,” they hold out hope that one of those miraculous inmates who benefit from their sentencing benevolence will be the first success story.

    Either that, . . . or, they continue to get money and other perks, coming to them under the table from those who offer the “smoke and mirrors” of such fantasy psychological treatment!

    Oh, and let us NEVER forget that it also keeps those lawyers and judges in business-generated cash-flow, as well!