Ever wonder why some gas stations hire off duty officers?

Well, there you go…

( Warning!  Extreme violence and profanity!  Viewer discretion advised!)

We had many loyal readers forward us this public video.

All were disgusted by the display.

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5 Responses to Ever wonder why some gas stations hire off duty officers?

  1. Jessie Rae Sargent says:

    Wow, opd actually moderates and allows such ignorant and hateful comments. I’m not sure if it’s an endorsement or they really are this disengaged with reality.

  2. Robert Strong says:

    Savages! Savages! Savages….. This video speaks volumes about black culture in America. This exact same thing plays out daily in America. What are we going to do about it? Nothing , because we have been spiralling out of control for 50 years and we all know what triggered this violent black culture. This was not Martin Luther Kings plan. All I can say is keep giving the OPD SUBSTANTIAL PAY RAISES because you see what they deal with every single day. Folks….. This problem will never, and I mean never go away. Robert David Strong

    • Jessie Rae Sargent says:

      Why do you equate a bunch of women having a cat fight as an example of my entire culture? Just last year, thousands of University of Kentucky students rioted after losing a game. Did that speak volumes of white culture? Of course not. I think anyone with a brain can see what you really want to say but can’t. For the record, this particular qt has black employees. Employees that are afraid to work at the Ames store. You taint good people that have never been violent or broken any laws (ya know, most black people)

  3. william ondracek says:

    they sure have a wide range of vocabulary. very disgusting

  4. Dan Larsen Dan Larsen says:

    Pathetic! Indicative of the failures of parenthood over the past three to five decades! This is an example of animals, attempting to act as humans! What else can be said, outside of, “How are those wonderful programs intended to fix this element of ‘cultural society’ working for you, now?”