Judge Mark Ashford tried his best to crush a Sexual Offender..

..but is limited by automatic “good time” laws that Lincoln REFUSES to reform.

In July of last year, repeat Felon Bud Christensen attempted to sexually assault a woman while holding her against her will, all the while allegedly using a weapon.

In February, Christensen pled guilty, apparently in exchange for the weapon charge being dropped.

The two remaining charges – Attempted 2nd Degree Sexual Assault and 1st Degree False Imprisonment – each only carry a maximum of 5 years for each conviction.
And of course – true to form – that’s exactly what Judge Mark Ashford gave Christensen.

A 5 year consecutive sentence for each conviction.

10 years total.

As always…nice work your Honor.

Unfortunately, state law automatically (blindly) cuts that 10 year prison term down to 5 years.

Thanks to automatic “good time”, Christensen will be out in just over 4 years.

This will be Christensen’s third separate prison stint.

He has previously been in prison for 1st Degree Sexual Assault and Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

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2 Responses to Judge Mark Ashford tried his best to crush a Sexual Offender..

  1. Dan Larsen Dan Larsen says:

    If he’s actually hit the door of the Prison as an inbound inmate on three occasions, why can he NOT be brought back and tried as a Habitual Criminal?

  2. Rick Harrell says:

    this should have been his 4th felony conviction and therefore require a habitual criminal upgrade.