Four Time Felon To Enjoy “Good Time”….Again. Avoids Habitual Criminal Conviction.

In June of last year, 29 year old James Ellerbruch was driving a stolen car down I-80 when an Omaha Police Officer attempted to pull him over.
Being in a stolen ride was the least of Ellerbruch’s concerns.Ellerbruch also had multiple felony warrants for his arrest, one of which was for violating his parole.

As Ellerbruch attempted to flee, he slammed the stolen car into an innocent motorist, seriously injuring her.

In February, Ellerbruch stood in Judge Tim Burns’ courtroom for the charges of Felony Flight to Avoid Arrest and being a Felon in Possession of a Deadly Weapon.

Judge Burns sentenced Ellerbruch to 4 to 5 years in prison.

Thanks to automatic “good time”, Ellerbruch will be free in less than 2 years.

Ellerbruch’s past prison record:

2004 – Sentenced to 3 to 5 years for Felony Theft.

Released after serving 2.5 years.

2007 – Sentenced to 2 years for Felony Theft.

Released after serving 1 year.

2008 – Sentenced to 6 to 11 years for 2 counts of Felony Theft and 2nd Degree Felony Assault (assault with a weapon).

Released from prison 5 years later (2013), even though he had violated his parole and engaged in felonious activity during his parole.

Ellerbruch is “lucky” to be out in 2 years.

He could instead be serving a mandatory minimum of 10 years right now for being a habitual criminal.


We will see the name “James Ellerbruch” again.


Prison 2014

Prison 2014


prison 2008

prison 2008

prison 2007

prison 2007



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3 Responses to Four Time Felon To Enjoy “Good Time”….Again. Avoids Habitual Criminal Conviction.

  1. Robert Strong says:

    When does this madness end? It should be obvious to everyone that this creep is a lifetime criminal. He does not deserve a good time visit to jail. Lock him up in solitary confinement and feed him DOG food and water and make him CLEAN up his own DOG poop. I hope I haven’t been too harsh. Oh yea….. Put the judge in an adjoining cell. Respectfully, Robert David Strong

  2. Dan Larsen Dan Larsen says:

    You have GOT to wonder if someone were to recommend a good text book for Judge Burns on the subject of Sociopathy, if he would have the wherewithall to actually read and understand it!

    That process might give him pause, for some of his past sentencings, and educate him enough to prevent future debacles of this nature.

    • Rick Harrell says:

      …I am sick and tired of these judges being such wimps. If this animal has chosen to break our laws and put our citizens in harms way, then he has chosen to spend his life in the confines of PRISON. We should take all of these repeat offenders and send them to Sheriff Joe Arpaio to learn what proper punishment really is.