Recently, night shift officers responded to a South Omaha home to attempt to locate an assault suspect.

The suspect was not discovered.

Unfortunately, the officers did discover little 5 children living in a house strewn with cat/dog feces, no food in the fridge, and rotten food with flies/maggots all over the kitchen counters and floor.

The children were upstairs innocently sleeping on piles of clothes which were also encrusted with animal feces.

The officers removed all five children from the residence and by the crack of dawn the officers were transporting the children to Project Harmony for safe placement.

Realizing that these little kids deserved a little "TLC" from someone, one of the officers stopped to buy the children a warm breakfast from McDonald's.

The children were elated and eagerly wolfed down their warm breakfasts.

As the last officer left, after doing all of his reports, one child took the time to give him a token of his appreciation.

A drawing and a personal thank you.

Isn't it funny how a simple piece of notebook paper and a few swipes of a crayon can create a priceless momento that one officer will cherish forever?