Police work, like medicine, rarely a spectator sport.

//Police work, like medicine, rarely a spectator sport.

Police work, like medicine, rarely a spectator sport.

"Use of force" happens with regularity.

Police officers use force on combative and resistive suspects just as the surgeon uses the scalpel to slice into human flesh and organs.

And...similar to the use of the surgeon's scalpel, police use of force is rarely pretty to watch.

For example, imagine being a witness to the following:


-The doctor plunges a needle deep into the baby's thigh to administer the medication. The infant screams in agony.

-The officer delivers a hammer fist to the upper back of a resistive handcuffed suspect. The suspect yells.

-The surgeon slices her razor sharp scalpel deep into the patient's abdomen. Wet, pulsating internal organs are visible.

-The officer delivers a sharp baton strike to the thigh of a combative suspect. The suspect crumples to the ground in a heap.

-The surgeon's bone saw aggressively cuts it's way through the man's femur bone. As bone fragments collect on the saw blade, the leg finally falls free of the body.

-The officer discharges his weapon at the armed suspect. The officer's round strikes the suspect in the head. The exit wound is quite extensive.


Did simply the written visualizations alone of any of the above mentioned scenarios make any of you cringe?

Well good....that was the point.

That means you're totally normal.

You're the "typical person".

"Typical people" don't want to have to use physical force, slice into flesh with a scalpel or plunge a needle into a baby.

They typically don't want to see it happen either.

They pay their doctors and their police officers to do the uncomfortable things like that for them.

Just because something makes you cringe, makes you "feel bad", or "looks wrong"...

Doesn't necessarily mean it "is wrong".



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  1. Dan Larsen January 23, 2014 at 9:45 AM

    Ouch! Parents need to teach their children that actions have consequences, and evey cop knows that the smallest resistence can, and SHOULD, be interpreted as the beginning of something much bigger. When someone points a gun at you, it’s certainly NOT the time to ponder whether the proper response is to aim back at ONLY his big toe!

    But unreasonable people nearly ALWAYS do so! That’s why they didn’t volunteer to wear the uniform, and take the inevitable abuse, themselves!

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