Early Release Allows Convicted Killer to Rape Little Girl

Folks….this one is bad.

Really, really bad.

Brace yourselves.

Meet 49 year old Timothy Clausen.

In 1982, then 18 year old Clausen was sentenced to 4 to 10 years in prison for Burglary, Attempted Burglary and Escape.
He was released in 1991 at age 27.

The very next year, 1992, Clausen met Kenneth Dove in a Council Bluffs bar.

By all accounts, Dove was a kindly disabled man who wouldn’t hurt anybody.

Clausen took Dove to an apartment and – according to news reports – performed anal sex on him.

Clausen – who later claimed that he thought Dove was actually a woman – fatally shot Dove in the top of the head after Dove asked for sex in return.

Clausen claimed he killed Dove in self defense.

Prosecutors suspected his true intent was robbery.

Clausen was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

In a maddening legal twist, Clausen’s conviction was overturned by the Nebraska Supreme Court based on alleged ineffective council from his defense attorney.

Clausen eventually pled guilty to Manslaughter and various other weapons charges in order to avoid a retrial.

Clausen was also convicted of Felony Escape resulting from his escape from the Douglas County Correction Center while awaiting trial.

Between all his latest convictions, Clausen was sentenced to 13 to 39 years in prison.

That was back in 1995.

Although on its face it might seem Clausen would be in prison for the rest of his adult life, unfortunately – for one young innocent Omaha girl -the story doesn’t end there.

Along came automatic “good time” early release….

The Parole Board awarded Clausen parole in February of 2012.

Clausen’s supervised release parole was abruptly ended less than 4 MONTHS LATER in June of 2012 because Nebraska automatic “good time” laws cut BOTH sentences AND parole in half.

No supervision.
No unannounced home visits.
No prohibition against using drugs or alcohol.
No monitoring….at all.

A little more than 17 years after Clausen had been sentenced to a maximum of 39 years for killing a man….he was 100% free…. at only age 48.

Within 4 months time, according to court documents, Clausen allegedly began sexually assaulting a little girl who was younger than age 12.

According to court documents, Clausen was allegedly sexually penetrating the little girl and continued to rape her for over 5 months.

After the police found out and arrested him, Clausen tried to tamper with witnesses.

He was charged with that too and ultimately pled guilty to witness tampering and the reduced charge of *attempted* 1st degree sexual assault on a child.

Last month, former prosecutor, Judge Shelly Stratman sentenced Clausen to 51 years, 8 months to 55 years in prison.

Thanks to good time, Clausen’s sentence will again automatically be cut in half, down to 27.5 years.

Thankfully, even with good time, Clausen will be 76 years old upon his mandatory good time early release.

By the looks of him, it is probably a safe bet that even this half sentence will essentially turn out to be a life sentence for Clausen.

Nice job Judge Stratman.


Are you ready to fix this yet?

Really…really fix this?

How many more victims of automatic good time early release must we endure before you fix this?

We all understand your never ending quest to save a few bucks by releasing violent criminals like Clausen early.

But why should people like his innocent young victim have to be the ones pay the price?


Are you ready to call your senator and DEMAND to know their position on automatic good time early release for violent offenders?

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One Response to Early Release Allows Convicted Killer to Rape Little Girl

  1. Dan Larsen Dan Larsen says:

    Or, in the alternative, we could suggest that the politicians use the political approach, and just change the name of the “Nebraska Penal Complex” to something more in keeping with the warm and fuzzy, emotionally filtered idea that being sent there has NOTHING to do with that ancient concept we used to call “punishment.”

    How about calling it “Vacation in Paradize?” Or, “Paradise Spa?” It would be a more accurate reflection of its practical purpose, I think. Continuing to call it, “The Nebraska Penal Complex” gives a false impression there’s corrective action going on there.

    Actually, you could probably find a social worker, somewhere in DHHS, who would agree to find a way to get academic accreditation for the “street creds” earned by inmates there. Then, the “graduates” could use that education to avoid those pesky mistakes that send them back. They could learn how to best make claims of “inadequate counsel” and other technicalities.

    Shame on the Unicameral for allowing this condition to continue to exist another month. How many more eleven-year-old (or younger) little girls will be victimized by the failure of the “Nebraska Penal Complex,” . . . err, I mean, “Paradise Spa?”