Death of OPD’s Oldest Retiree

Retired Officer Monroe Coleman passed away last night.  He was the oldest living police retiree that is identified in the current pension payroll system.  He retired as a Deputy Police Chief on 04/11/1984 after serving the citizens of Omaha for 36 years 7 months (hired 09/08/1947). A photo of him on the forth floor recognizes him as being the first African American to achieve the rank of Deputy Chief (date of photo unknown).

Please keep Monroe and his family in your thoughts and prayers.



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2 Responses to Death of OPD’s Oldest Retiree

  1. Dan Larsen Dan Larsen says:

    I worked a few cases with assistance from Chief Coleman, back in the 1970′s, and I could always count on his counsel for good advice. He never once refused to offer a special kind of help a fellow officer. I remember him as a very calm and reasoned man, with an understanding and friendly personality that bridged the gap between what his uniform stood for, and the community where he grew up. He was truly unique in his approach to being a cop!

    And, a special thanks to Charlie Parker for introducing me to him! Through the years, I was only able to return a small portion of favor, in return.

    I remember one case in particular, that involved the uncle of a man, who had committed several burglaries in my jurisdiction. Coleman knew this uncle, personally. All it took was a phone call, and I had not only the uncle’s statement about where to recover the majority of the stolen property, but the surrender of the perp, while I was still taking uncle’s statement. And, Chief Coleman made it all happen, within about ten minutes!

    Chief Coleman was truly a man, among men! Rest-in Peace, Sir! You were a very good soldier! I am proud to call you both “friend” and “brother!” God’s Speed to one of Omaha’s Finest ever to have served!

  2. george allen says:

    Monroe was a fine man. Rest In Peace, Chief.