Well, well, well…if it isn’t Jaquez Sherrod….AGAIN!

Well, well, well…if it isn’t Jaquez Sherrod….AGAIN!

If the name Jaquez Sherrod sounds familiar to our loyal readers, it should.

We highlighted Sherrod back in January.

Read it here

Long story short-

-Sherrod robs a young boy selling charity candy door to door with Tec 9 machine pistol
-Police arrest Sherrod
-Judge Battalion gives Sherrod 4 years probation
-Sherrod violates his probation by possessing a .45 handgun
-Judge Battalion gives him more probation

Well guess what?

Sherrod messed up again!

(Feigning a “shocked look” on our faces)

According to public documents:

-He refused to find employment.
-He refused to meet with his probation officer and…
-He tested “dirty” for drug use.

Well, this time Judge Battalion got it right (finally).

Battalion tossed Sherrod in prison for 4 to 6 years.

Don’t get too excited though…

(Might want to take a seat for this one folks)

It appears Sherrod actually gets CREDIT for the time he spent awaiting his trial and maybe even some of his time on probation ( that’s right folks…the very same time where he was not working, not complying with his release terms, illegally carrying guns and God only knows what else) and as a result is set for mandatory release IN LESS THAN 2 YEARS!

Aren’t Nebraska sentencing laws great?


Have you called your Senator lately?

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3 Responses to Well, well, well…if it isn’t Jaquez Sherrod….AGAIN!

  1. Dan Larsen Dan Larsen says:

    Nice try John, but you’re wrong on ALL counts! I suggest you do a little homework, before showing your opposition to either an article, or a response.

  2. john aidukas says:

    Do you comment on every post Dan….. You should run for Senate……you got everything figured out don’t you….you must have always wanted to be a cop…. But just not quite made it… We need a post to comment on Dans job….may be Mr battalion can say dan didn’t clean toilets that well….you know. That esteemed toilet bowl cleaner Dan Larsen….. Keep Ur mouth shut Dan. You are in neither of these folks shoes and never will be.

  3. Dan Larsen Dan Larsen says:

    It kind of becomes a question of, “Who’s dumber, Sherrod or his Esteemed Judge?” (C’mon, Your Honor — part of your job is being aware of “The Big Picture” — not just what happens in your courtroom!)

    The Judiciary HAS to know these cases are being publcized — here, if no where else!

    Do they really think this is NOT a fairly hot topic, among the citizenry?

    Do they really pay that little attention to their constituency?

    Do they really not think that the public doesn’t KNOW about the Judicial Review Committee, and the work they do?

    Do they really think they can pass this ridiculousness off, onto the legislature, and not be held accountable, in the end?

    Do they truly believe that they are immune from repercussions, should any of these fine citizens, (READ: “Narcissistic Sociopaths”), decide to try to outdo Nikko Jenkins?

    This kind of attitude among the various members of the Honored Bench, SHOULD awaken a few legislators, doncha think? (Are you paying atention, Senator Ashford?)