Good Time Recipient Rapes Two Young Girls.

//Good Time Recipient Rapes Two Young Girls.

Good Time Recipient Rapes Two Young Girls.

In 2004, Clintus Alford was sentenced to a flat 4 year prison sentence for Felony False Imprisonment.

Alford had lured an 11 year old girl into a house and engaged in disturbing and lewd behavior with her.

Nearly two years after his sentencing hearing, in the Spring of 2007, Alford was set free.

Thanks to "Good Time" early release.

Flash forward to 2012....

Alford -again- lured two young girls into a hotel room, blind folded them and raped them.

He was arrested, charged and convicted.

Monday, Judge Peter Bataillon sentenced Alford to 40 to 60 years in Prison for the two sexual assaults.

Nebraska Senators...


Fix this.

Nebraska's rehabilitation efforts and sentencing laws are clearly not working.

And two innocent young girls unfortunately had to pay the price for it.