The Revolving Door Continues to Spin Down in Lincoln

//The Revolving Door Continues to Spin Down in Lincoln

The Revolving Door Continues to Spin Down in Lincoln

We stumbled across this very interesting story over on

In March of 2011, Heather Duhachek was savagely beaten be her ex husband Timothy Moody.

heather bruising 2 heather bruising


Since then, Heather  - a mental health professional - has assumed a "crime victim advocate" role,

heather smile


and her attacker was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months to 6 years in Prison.

Timothy Moody

Timothy Moody

If it wasn't bad enough that Heather was stomped and choked by her attacker, she was shocked to discovered that - after factoring in "Good Time" - her attacker will be free 2 years and 5 months after his sentence began.

And soon, it got even worse for Heather.

Heather was even more shocked to recently learn that her attacker had been approved for "work release" by the Nebraska DOC (i.e. being released from prison).

Astounded and terrified for the safety of her and her children, she used her contacts as a victim advocate to bring public attention to the matter.

She called the news media and County Attorney Don Kleine who in turn called Bob Houston, the Director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services.

According to WOWT, this was Houston's response:

         **  “When somebody is concerned and the person has violence in their background or things of the nature we take action,” said Houston. “In this case we're going to take him back inside of a secure facility and investigate it from there.”  **

While we give credit to Houston to doing the right thing in this case, we continue to be utterly astounded that the DOC would continue to release violent offenders under any circumstance!

How did a man with "violence in (his) background" get approved for work release in the first place Mr. Houston?

How many violent offenders are walking the streets today on work release or furlough that the public or a victim doesn't know about?

And why does it take media attention and a call from the County Attorney to get the DOC to realize that maybe a man who choked and stomped his victim's face in - in front of her children - is probably not a worthy candidate for "work release"?

We demand to know the name of the specific state employee who approved that!


Listen up!

Yes...Yes...Yes... we know....The people who run the DOC for you are good - nay -make that "Great!" people.

We agree!

But it is high time to take away the discretion that you (meaning the legislature and Governor) have given them, and this case is simply further evidence of what we suspect is a much larger iceberg of trouble under the surface.

Something in the system must be inherently broken for Timothy Moody to have been approved for work release in the first place!


It is high time for truth in sentencing!

Let's make it happen this session.


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  1. Rick Harrell January 9, 2013 at 11:57 AM

    just don’t send him before JUDGE Joe “LET EM GO” Bataillon he’ll be on probation for years

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