On December 8th at 10:25 PM, diligent officers from the North East Precinct conducted a traffic stop at 33rd and Bedford Ave.

As officers were conducting the stop, a second vehicle arrived and began to act suspiciously.

Officers approached the second car and smelled marijuana emanating from inside.

A search resulted in the seizure of 2 loaded firearms.

One of the firearms was found to be in possession of the passenger Dejuan WYNNE.

Dejuan Wynne

Dejuan Wynne

If that name sounds familiar to you, it should...

OmahaPOA.com highlighted WYNNE just two months ago when Judge Troia sentenced him to 2 years for Felony Possession of a Stolen Firearm and Felony Theft.

Based on "Good Time" and credit for time served, WYNNE was a free man 47 days after sentencing....

....and once out, WYNNE was up to his old tricks yet again.

As a matter of fact, it took Convicted Gun Felon WYNNE exactly 42 DAYS to be snagged-yet again- with a gun.


Wynne will spend Christmas in Jail unless he comes up with the $125,000 / 10% Bond ($12,500 cash) to be released.

We can't help but wonder what damage WYNNE inflicted on our community during those 42 days of early release.

Way to go "Good Time"!