You know how on TV you hear about "the revolving door" in the criminal justice system?

It is not uncommon for "cop shows" to depict the grizzled cop who collars the perp only to have "the revolving door" also known as "the system" spit him right back out.

That's just on TV right?

That's not real is it?

Yup, it's definitely all too real.

Case in point - Lafayette Reed.

Remember the case of Calvin Clayton from yesterday?

Clayton was convicted of *Attempted* Felon in Possession of a Firearm after it was proven via forensic evidence that he had tossed guns out of a moving car window as he fled from the police.

Well come to find out there was another felon in the car with him that fateful day.  Lafayette Reed.

Lafayette Reed

In February of 2011, Reed was arrested by OPD officers for 2nd offense Carrying a Concealed Weapon, a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

In March of 2011, a Douglas County Judge set his bond at 10% of $10,000 ($1,000) and Reed was  free to be on his way until trial.

In July of  2011, Judge Peter Bataillon convicted Reed of Felony CCW - 2nd offense and sentenced him to THREE (3) YEARS PROBATION.

You can read his probation order here.

Well apparently the "Cognitive Thinking" and "Appropriate Decisions" classes that Reed was ordered to partake in didn't stick.

In September of 2011 (just two months later) he was in that car that fateful day with Calvin Clayton and a gaggle of other hoodlums as they threw dangerous weapons onto the streets of North Omaha.

His Probation Officer and the County Attorney sprung into action to try to revoke Reed's probation.

Surely the Judge would not look highly on Reed violating his probation by joy riding with armed thugs, and thus send him to prison------right?



Lafeyette Reed strolled right into Judge Bataillon's court and admitted to violating his probation.

Judge Bataillon promptly found him guilty of violating that probation....

...and sentenced him to....


Read the Final Probation order for yourself.

Remember  Lafayette Reed's name and face folks.

You will see it again.

We guarantee it.

We only hope that it is not after he is accused of killing a citizen or police officer.